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10 Frequently Asked Questions About the Kawasaki Teryx

May 15, 2023

10 Frequently Asked Questions About the Kawasaki Teryx

Question 1: Is the Kawasaki Teryx any good?

Answer 1: Short answer, it depends on what you’re trying to do. With a little more nuance, the Teryx is reliable, affordable, and comfortable, as well as as amazing machine for climbing hills and navigating trails. It’s not as fast or as powerful as other high-end side-by-sides, and the aftermarket upgrades are more limited than they are with, say, the RZR, Maverick X3, or KRX. For more of the pros and cons of owning a Kawasaki Teryx, check out this post!

Question 2: What are the problems with a Kawasaki Teryx?

Answer 2: Other than the in-cab noise and excessive heat in warmer weather, there aren’t too many universal problems with the Kawasaki Teryx aside from it being too slow for those who crave speed. One thing that you might notice with a Kawasaki Teryx is that it’s hard to shift into High or Low sometimes – especially when it’s cold outside. This should fix itself once the vehicle warms up, and you can let it idle for a while, or spike the throttle a bit to help it warm up faster.

Question 3: Is the Kawasaki Teryx reliable?

Answer 3: The Kawasaki Teryx is durable, reliable, and capable of going anywhere that any other sport UTV can go – only a bit slower. They also have less aftermarket support compared to vehicles like the Razor or Ranger, but they’re backed by a 3-year warranty, which tells you that the manufacturer truly stands behind their products. If you like working on your machine and fixing it up when it breaks down, then buy a different brand. But if you value dependability, the Kawasaki Teryx is a perfect fit for you!

Question 4: What are the biggest tires you can run on a stock Kawasaki Teryx?