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Audio and Audio Accessories

Hit the trails with your soundtrack blasting! Transform your Kawasaki Ridge into a rolling sound machine with our top-tier audio and audio accessories selection. We offer plug-and-play audio solutions that integrate seamlessly with your Kawasaki Ridge's electrical system, including compact weatherproof speakers, soundbars, and subwoofer combos. No need for complex wiring or cutting. We also offer durable mounts and enclosures to ensure your audio system withstands mud, water, and dust. And when it comes to designs, the sleek designs of these audio systems complement your Ridge's aesthetics. Don't just ride; ride with the soundtrack you want. Explore our audio and accessory selection today!

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Buying Guide Kawasaki Ridge Audio and Audio Accessories

To be able to crank up the tunes in your Kawasaki Ridge, consider these crucial factors below.

Riding Style & Needs

Are you a casual cruiser who loves enjoying scenic rides or someone who loves conquering tough terrain? Consider how often you'll use and crank up the audio. Casual riders might prefer compact speakers, while adventure seekers might need a powerful sound bar to combat wind noise.

Budget & Features

Determine your budget and desired features. Basic speakers offer affordability but trade off immersive sound, while premium sound bars and amplified subwoofers deliver immersive sound but come at a higher price. Consider features like Bluetooth connectivity, auxiliary inputs, and built-in radios if you want flexibility.


Remember, you're riding an ATV! Choose audio components and accessories that withstand water, dust, mud, and UV rays. Look for IP ratings (e.g., IP67) indicating dust and water resistance. This will ensure that your audio systems will last as long as your Kawasaki Ridge.

Mounting & Installation

Ensure your chosen audio system integrates seamlessly with your Ridge. Opt for pre-wired kits or speakers with universal mounts for hassle-free installation. Consider handlebar, roll cage, or cargo bed mounting options based on your preference and space availability.

Sound Quality

Don't settle for muffled tunes! Research speaker wattage and frequency response for clear, balanced sound. If bass is your jam, add a subwoofer for that extra thump.

Brand & Warranty

Choose reputable brands known for quality and durability. Look for products with extended warranties for peace of mind, especially when tackling challenging terrains.

What Are the Best Audio and Audio Accessories for the Kawasaki Ridge?

Here are some Kawasaki Ridge audio and audio accessories you can get for your ride.

Head Units: You should consider upgrading your existing head unit with a Bluetooth-enabled one for streaming music and podcasts. You can also get touchscreen models that offer added convenience.

Amplifiers: Amplifiers are essential if you want to boost the power of your speakers and subwoofers for crystal-clear sound, even at high speeds.

Wiring Kits: Simplify installation with pre-wired kits for your Kawasaki Ridge. This will help to ensure you have the proper connection for your audio system.

Speaker Mounts: To firmly mount your speakers and audio accessories in any location in your Kawasaki Ridge, you should get speaker mounts. Choose handlebar, roll cage, or cargo bed mounts depending on your needs.

Weatherproof Covers: Protect your exposed speakers and audio components from dust, mud, and rain with these high-quality weatherproof covers.