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No matter which Mule model you own and regardless of your machine's dimensions, we've got Kawasaki Mule storage covers for each of Kawasaki's Mule-branded Utility Terrain Vehicle edition. Even if you've modified your machine by adding aftermarket accessories and upgrades, the storage covers available at Everything Kawasaki Offroad will protect every square inch of your rig from nose to tail against rain, sleet, snow, and dust. Quad Gear's Deluxe Storage Cover for the Kawasaki Mule fits perfectly on the Pro FXR. It'll weather through rain storms and icy blizzards just the same, and won't fade or discolor under the hot summer sun. For the folks looking into camouflage Kawasaki Mule storage covers, we can help with that. And with side-by-side covers that are tailored with built-in tie-downs for added security, you can ensure that your storage cover stays in place during high-wind situations. Keep the inside of your Kawasaki Mule dry and protected with a storage cover from Everything Kawasaki Offroad. Plus, with both bed covers as well as front and rear bench-seat covers for the Kawasaki Mule 2x4, Kawasaki Mule 4x4, and Kawasaki Mule Diesel, we've got covered with 360 degrees of off-road protection!

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Whether you like it or not, you can’t ride your Kawasaki Mule 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Sooner or later, you’re going to need to keep your Kawasaki Mule parked up in storage for a while. A big mistake a lot of Kawasaki Mule owners make is storing their Kawasaki Mule out in the elements with no regard for the damage this can cause. Exposure to the outdoor elements is the number one reason why peoples’ Kawasaki Mules don’t last as long as they’d like them to. Even if it doesn’t do any serious damage, the rain, sun, snow, dirt, and mud can slowly corrode, fade, and tarnish the interior and exterior of your Kawasaki Mule. Your Kawasaki Mule takes enough damage in your day to day riding, so why would you compound this wear and tear by leaving your Kawasaki Mule idle in the elements without the protection of a storage cover.

A storage cover can make a dramatic difference when it comes to keeping your Kawasaki Mule looking fresh and new. If the look of your Kawasaki Mule is important to you, don’t delay in ordering a storage cover for it. If you’re ready to stop unnecessary wear and tear on your Kawasaki Mule with a storage cover, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Everything Kawasaki Offroad, we’ve gone out and curated a supply of the best aftermarket UTV and side by side storage covers for the Kawasaki Mule in the business. This selection of storage covers is supplied by top brands like QuadBoss, Moose, Nelson Rigg, Classic Accessories, Kolpin Powersports, and Greene Mountain Outdoors. With names like these, you can rest assured that your Kawasaki Mule will be protected from the harsh outdoor elements when you’re not around to do so yourself. Check out our Kawasaki Mule storage covers today!

One of our best-selling storage covers for the Kawasaki Mule is the Kawasaki Mule XL Deluxe Storage Cover Black and Grey by Classic Accessories. This deluxe side by side storage cover for the Kawasaki Mule is made from heavy-duty yet lightweight Protek fabric with a water-resistant backing and exterior coating. This durable design gives this storage cover great protection from the weather as well as abrasions. This vented storage cover also features dual air vents that reduce moisture and increase airflow. If the storage cover you’re looking at for your Kawasaki Mule doesn’t have air vents, trust us, that is not a storage cover you want. Without vents, a storage cover will trap moisture that can lead to an outbreak of mold on your Kawasaki Mule. So always make sure the storage cover you use for your Kawasaki Mule is rented!

Another great storage cover for the Kawasaki Mule is the Kawasaki Mule UTV Universal Cover Heavy Duty by Greene Mountain Outdoors. This heavy-duty storage cover is built stronger and more durable than other storage covers with 200 denier material and a 3/4 ounce urethane coating. This storage cover also has elastic on the bottom to prevent the wind from blowing it away. You can even order this storage cover in either black or gray. Find all the best aftermarket UTV storage covers for your Kawasaki Mule just like this one right here at Everything Kawasaki Offroad!

If you've lifted your Kawasaki Mule and can no longer fit it in your garage, shed, or outbuilding, used shipping containers are perfect for UTV storage. Similarly, enclosed toy haulers are often used to protect side-by-sides when they're not being used. But if all you've got is the side of a wall and a slightly overhanging roof to protect your rig, all-weather Kawasaki Mule storage covers are a must. And even if you have the luxury of ample indoor space, storage covers for the Kawasaki Mule still prove useful in barns and garages where things like pets, pests, and children run amuck. Use one of our vinyl or canvas Kawasaki Mule storage covers while you're posted up at the hunting lease or throw one on your vehicle for maximum protection against the elements during an oncoming winter storm. For unbeatable deals on amazing storage covers and Kawasaki Mule storage cover accessories, Everything Kawasaki Offroad is the place!

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