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Irrespective of whether you're plowing snow in your Kawasaki Teryx 4, or running icy trails in the wintertime using your Kawasaki Teryx KRX, stay warm year-round with a Kawasaki Teryx heater from Everything Kawasaki Offroad! We've got Kawasaki Teryx heater kits with multiple vent outlets to keep both you and your passengers nice and toasty, and Kawasaki Teryx heaters with built-in defrosters to prevent ice and fog from accumulating on the windshield. For something simple and easy to install, we have electric Kawasaki Teryx heaters that plug into the machine's 12V outlet. One caveat with electric heaters, however, is that they're limited by the size and power of your battery and charging system. Some riders snorkel their belts and run inline fans to discharge heat into the cab during the winter. You can also remove the rubber flap under the driver's seat and seal up the door gaps to get some free heat. But when the temperature dips below freezing, these methods alone may not provide you with adequate heat. So if you're setting up traps and snares in the dead of winter, driving to your cabin in late fall, or getting a jump on the farming season in early spring, a Kawasaki heater unit will serve you well.

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Everything Kawasaki Offroad is your one-stop-shop for all things related to Kawasaki Teryx heaters. Whether you need a cab heater, a windshield defroster, or any other heater-related product for your Teryx, Everything Kawasaki Offroad has got you covered.

While some riders may think that a portable UTV propane heater is enough, these heaters are suboptimal and not designed to be a permanent solution. For those who do a lot of winter riding, plowing snow, or tearing it up with their snowmobile buddies, a Kawasaki Teryx heater kit is a must-have to stay warm and comfortable at all times.

At Everything Kawasaki Offroad, you'll find top-quality brands like Ice Crusher, Inferno, and Road Pro, ensuring that you'll be warm and toasty with their products. They offer a wide range of Kawasaki Teryx heater options, including single-core and 12V heaters. No matter the year or model of your machine, you are sure to find the perfect cab heater for you.

Staying warm while riding is crucial, but maintaining proper visibility is equally important. Fog and condensation can be a result of cold windows and windscreens mixing with your breath and body heat. To prevent this, a Kawasaki Teryx windshield defroster is a great addition to your machine. Unlike the OEM Kawasaki Teryx heaters, aftermarket heaters from Everything Kawasaki Offroad work exceptionally well.

Installing a Kawasaki Teryx heater can be confusing for some riders. Many choose to use a secondary thermostat during the installation process, while others utilize the lower radiator hose as their return and the front cylinder hose as the output to avoid low-heat issues. The install process will vary depending on the model year of your Teryx, but you’ll have to tap into the machine's radiator lines.

There are multiple ways to install a Kawasaki Teryx heater, but a number of riders choose to use Y and ball valves to divert radiator fluid from the outtake front cooler. Then, they run a hose with a quick-attach fitting under the passenger seat to the heater core between the seats. The auxiliary power supply can be used to deliver electricity to the heater fans, and the output hose for the heater can be run under the driver's seat and connected using another Y valve to the engine hose near the engine oil dipstick - which then goes to the front coolant radiator.

Whether you need a few replacement parts for your 2010 Kawasaki Teryx or a complete heater kit for your Kawasaki Teryx KRX 1000, Everything Kawasaki Offroad has you covered. They are always ready to lend a hand for the installation process or to diagnose any problems you might have with your existing Kawasaki Teryx heater. The friendly team at Everything Kawasaki Offroad takes great pride in helping you get back on track and keeping your rig heated to the max!