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Shocks & Springs

If your factory Kawasaki Teryx shocks have kicked the bucket, or if you're wanting to upgrade your shocks and springs for more clearance, better maneuverability, or a plusher ride, we have exactly what you seek at Everything Kawasaki Offroad. For the same price as factory Kawasaki Teryx shock replacements, you can get superior springs, shocks, and suspension upgrades from leading aftermarket part manufacturers like Elka, Bandit, Viking, and more. While the Fox Podium shocks for the Kawasaki Teryx aren't the worst UTV shocks in the world, they can be quite harsh for some riding applications. And with a set of Kawasaki Teryx double adjustable shocks, you'll gain the ability to fine-tune the compression and rebound of your suspension system. You can crank the shock settings down to make them softer for rock crawling, then add some dampening into the mix to both control body roll as well as eat up bumps that would have otherwise pounded your guts with the stock Kawasaki Teryx suspension system. Another benefit to running aftermarket Kawasaki Teryx shocks and springs is that they position your rig higher above the ground, eliminating the need for a bracket lift. The Teryx shocks and springs we offer at Everything Kawasaki Offroad have enough stroke to be fully functional with the a-arms at full droop, which does away with the need for limiter straps because the shocks won't bottom out no matter how low the a-arms go. The benefits of running aftermarket Kawasaki Teryx shocks and springs are both numerous and varied. And regardless of whether your suspension system is broken, or simply in need of upgrading, we've got the parts, kits, and components you need for a better ride here at Everything Kawasaki Offroad.

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Are you tired of the harsh ride and lack of maneuverability of your factory Kawasaki Teryx shocks? Everything Kawasaki Offroad has just what you need! We offer an array of aftermarket shocks and springs from top manufacturers like Elka, Bandit, and Viking at the same price as factory replacements.

The Fox Podium shocks that come standard on some Teryx models can be quite rough for certain riding applications. Upgrading to Kawasaki Teryx double adjustable shocks provides the ability to fine-tune compression and rebound for optimal performance on any terrain. Soften up the shocks for rock crawling and add more dampening to control body roll and absorb bumps that would otherwise jolt your body with the stock suspension system.

In addition to a smoother ride, aftermarket shocks also provide more clearance by positioning the Teryx higher above the ground, eliminating the need for a bracket lift. Our Kawasaki Teryx 4 suspension lifts, long-travel shocks, and HD springs have enough stroke to function with the stock a-arms at full droop, eliminating the need for limiter straps as the shocks won't bottom out no matter how low the a-arms go.

We offer an extensive selection of shocks and springs with 10mm and 12mm sleeves, high travel options, and various spring weights to handle any load. Every rider is different, and we understand the importance of customizing shock and spring setups to suit individual needs. With dozens of compression and rebound adjustments, our shocks, springs, and travel kits enable you to fine-tune your suspension to ride smoothly on any terrain.

At Everything Kawasaki Offroad, we don't just sell shocks and springs. We also offer shock rebuild kits, covers, spanner wrenches, and seal kits for Fox 2.0 Shocks. For those seeking a Kawasaki Teryx spring mod, we have dual-rate springs and 750 valve springs available. Plus, our ties with leading off-road brands enable us to offer competitive prices and fast shipping times to anywhere in the world.

Upgrade your ride to next level of comfort and maneuverability today with Kawasaki Teryx shocks, springs, and complete suspension kits from Everything Kawasaki Offroad!