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Lighting and Electrical

Light up your off-road adventures and pave the way for even more enjoyable riding adventures with our premium lighting and electrical upgrades. Our lighting options provide top-notch illumination and improved visibility, allowing you to take on any terrain assuredly and head-on. Whether you're exploring wooded paths with twists and turns in no short supply or terrains with heavily branched and canopy trees that cast darkness along the trails, our lighting solutions will brighten your path. With enough intensity to brighten up the darkest cover and beam across long distances, you can tackle the trails with even more confidence and ease of mind. Shop now.

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What to Consider When Buying Lighting and Electrical Systems for Kawasaki Ridge

Lighting Configuration And Pattern

Given the driving conditions and terrain type, consider what lighting pattern will allow you to see clearly and drive safely. While spotlights are best suited for seeing over long distances, even in darkness, floodlights produce a wider beam spread that's useful. Then, there are combo lights that make the best of both options. 


Choose from light bars and lighting upgrades that you can mount securely on your roof and bumper, or go for options with tube mounts that you can place at different points on your Ridge's body. For multiple mounting positions across your Ridge, go for sturdy mounts, and remember ditch lights, roof light bars, and rear light bars. 

Electrical System Capacity

You may put additional strain on your Ridge's electrical system when you upgrade its lighting system. This is particularly true if you add multiple high-output lights or other electrical accessories. To avoid this, examine your vehicle's electrical capacity and consider upgrades such as dual battery setups, high-output alternators, or voltage regulators. This ensures sufficient power supply and prevents electrical issues or failures during off-road use. Also, you can improve electrical stability and reduce the risk of voltage drops or overheating when you upgrade your wiring harnesses and connectors.

Lighting Output

The lighting output of your preferred lighting system is crucial for ensuring adequate visibility during night-time or low-light off-driving conditions. Go for options with high-output LEDs and advanced optics, which provide maximum brightness and long-range illumination. Factors like lumen rating, lux, and beam distance determine how effective your picks are at illuminating the trails ahead and enhancing visibility, so you should look out for them. 

Weather Resistance and Durability

Off-road environments can be harsh and unpredictable. This is why you should choose lighting and electrical upgrades built to withstand the elements. Go for upgrades with weather-resistant construction, such as IP-rated waterproof and dustproof ratings, corrosion-resistant coatings, and rugged housings. Your preferred upgrades should withstand moisture, dirt, mud, and debris exposure while riding.