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Introducing the New Kawasaki Mule and Teryx Snow Blower / Snow Plow!

Feb 15, 2024

Introducing the New Kawasaki Mule and Teryx Snow Blower / Snow Plow!

It’s time to embrace the future and let go of those “character-building” (thanks a lot, Dad!) chores like shoveling, and these Kawasaki Mule and Teryx 54” Versatile Plus Snowblowers by Bercomac are just the tool to help you move on. The next time you peep out that bedroom window in the morning to discover a sheet of sparkly snow all over your land, we want you to feel more than prepared to handle it in minutes, not hours. This is why our new lineup of Bercomac Snowblowers is fully optimized for power, efficiency, and safety. First things first, let’s roll out the options.

Come One, Come All

Bercomac gets it. They know that one size does not fit all in this instance, which is why they’re offering a wide spectrum of both sizes and motor options to provide a solution tailor-made to your needs and preferences. Here’s the full list of sizes, complete with available motors for each size:

  • 48” versatile (accommodates motors between 13-23 HP)
  • 48” with 15 HP motor
  • 54” versatile (accommodates motors between 13-23 HP)
  • 54” with 15 HP motor
  • 54” with 22 HP motor
  • 66” with 22 HP motor
  • 72” with 22 HP motor

That’s right, they range as big as 72”, and better yet, the extendible frame (from 73” to 112” in the case of the 54” model) adds even more flexibility, allowing you to kit your Kawasaki Mule or Teryx out perfectly for any given scenario.

                           A front-facing image of a Bercomac Kawasaki Mule and Teryx snowblower, installed on an ATV and parked on snowy terrain.

Serious Power for Any Job

Whether you go pre-installed or throw in your own motor, crafty engineering has allowed Bercomac to harness as much possible power out of the motor while preserving ride quality and protecting your Kawasaki Mule or Teryx by designing their snowblowers to have centrally installed motors. This perfectly balanced build ensures that you get the most work out of even a smaller motor, efficiently churning through even hard-packed, deep snow. If you’re running a 2-cylinder Honda motor with a higher horsepower range (say, from 20 to 24), it’s best to use an additional Bercomac exhaust silencer for compatibility reasons.

Installation? What Installation?

Not only will these Kawasaki Mule and Teryx Snowblowers pop on in literally five minutes or even less, this “hook-on” capability makes it just as easy to remove them. This means that, no matter what the weather conditions are like where you live, you don’t have to dread spending hours installing and removing the snowblower in unpredictable conditions. And rest assured, Bercomac cut no corners when engineering this easy installation capability. On the contrary, the ability to mount the subframe on your rear hitch ball allows perfect weight transfer for improved control.

Adaptability and Control

Even the fanciest snowblower wouldn’t do much good if it couldn’t make it through tough terrain, eh? To prevent a dime from holding up a dollar, Bercomac blessed the Kawasaki Mule and Teryx Versatile Plus Snowblower with large, rugged wheels that can plow right through snowy and otherwise challenging terrain. Enhancing your level of control even further with the included electrical control box, allowing you to adjust the chute, engage the clutch, and kill the engine, all from the comfort of your seat.

                                      A front-oblique view of the Kawasaki Mule/Teryx snowblower by Bercomac, focusing on the wheel, installed and parked in a lot.

Safety and Durability

Last but definitely not least is the all-important issue of safety. Bercomac kept safety front of mind throughout the design process with this snowblower, which takes advantage of a 3 shear bolt safety system to offer complete peace of mind to all users. Also helping out with both safety and longevity is the single-belt (BX 55) system, ensuring that you will have far fewer repairs and replacements to worry about as winters come and go.

Simply the Best

That’s the easiest way to say it: the Kawasaki Mule and Teryx Snowblower lineup by Bercomac is simply the most well-rounded, powerful, and safety-conscious option in its class. Whether you’re just looking to save some time on that long driveway or if you’ve got multiple huge properties to clear, we highly recommend this selection of Kawasaki Mule and Teryx Snowblowers.