​The Best UTV Mirrors For The Kawasaki Mule, Kawasaki Teryx, and Kawasaki KRX

Oct 15, 2021

Whether you’re parallel parking in your Kawasaki Mule with a pull-behind trailer attached to your rig’s hitch receiver, or leading the pack in your Kawasaki Teryx KRX and wanting an easy way to monitor the riders behind you, there are several ways in which one can benefit from running one or more Kawasaki UTV mirrors. It doesn’t matter if you use your side-by-side for work, play, or a bit of both, because Kawasaki Mule mirrorsKawasaki Teryx mirrors, and Kawasaki KRX mirrors are multipurpose accessories that prove useful in a variety of situations. Not only will a Kawasaki UTV mirror kit save you from straining your neck when looking backwards, but with some lighted Kawasaki UTV mirrors, you’ll be able to achieve better illumination both inside and outside the vehicle.

While you might be able to pick up a cheap and flimsy side mirror from a Pilot truck-stop, or pull an old rearview mirror out of an 88 Oldsmobile, these are hardly the best mirrors you can get for a Kawasaki Mule or Teryx. Better options exist, and they won't cost you an arm and a leg. From decades of experience in the UTV scene, here are our picks for the best side mirrors and rear-view mirrors for the Kawasaki UTV lineup!

Best Rear View Mirrors For The Kawasaki Mule And Teryx

Be it for street legal purposes or to keep tabs on the kids, dogs, or supplies in the rear seating area, there are several reasons to invest in a rear view mirror. Both Kawasaki Mule rear view mirrors and Kawasaki Teryx rear view mirrors will improve your situational awareness while driving, allowing you to monitor the posterior section of your rig as well as scan for potential hazards that might cause problems down the line.

Although any rear view mirror is better than no rear view mirror, not all mirrors for the Kawasaki Mule / Teryx are created equal. Furthermore, varying sizes and styles of UTV mirrors will deliver different benefits to riders driving under different circumstances. The 17” Panoramic Rearview Mirror by Axia Alloys, for example, is perfect for those looking for a wide field of view. With a wide-angle rear view mirror from Axia Alloys, you’ll be able to see more, reduce blind spots, and ride with greater alertness on the track or trail. And because the Panoramic Rearview Mirror by Axia Alloys is only slightly convex in the horizontal direction, it doesn’t distort the light as it reflects off of the mirror's face.

Products like the 3-Panel Rear View Mirror by SuperATV also give riders extra viewing capabilities, but there’s even more that can be done with a Kawasaki UTV rear view mirror from Everything Kawasaki Offroad. The Halo rear view mirror by Seizmik is a good case in point. Not only is the Halo mirror made with a cast aluminum frame, shatter-resistant safety glass, and solid mounting solutions for the headliner or cage, but this mirror also comes with a built-in map light for in-cab illumination. Instead of getting an aftermarket Kawasaki rear view mirror, a dome light, and accent lighting separately, why not opt for a multi-functional accessory like Seizmik’s Halo mirror?

Best Side Mirrors For The Kawasaki Mule And Teryx

Kawasaki Mule mirrors and Kawasaki Teryx mirrors that mount on the vehicle’s cage pillars are a great way to supplement a rear view mirror. Despite their usefulness, however, side UTV mirrors do come with a drawback or two. For one, they’re liable to break, snap, or shatter if you accidentally smack them against trees, poles, or other vehicles. Worse still, if you go with side mirrors that mount firmly to the ROPS via strong metal clamps, they can dimple / deform your machine's roll cage if impacted hard enough.

This issue is nothing new, though, and to overcome it, manufacturers have developed products like breakaway side mirrors that flex and fold after getting hit instead of fracturing. The Smack Back Buggy mirrors by EMP are a great example of this. These folding mirrors can extend outward by two inches, and fold back against the machine when things get tight. This feature is not exclusive to EMP side mirrors. Companies like Bad Dawg, Moose, Battle Armor, and ATV TEK all make breakaway mirrors for the Kawasaki Teryx and Mule. So if you do a lot of trail riding or have limited space in your enclosed toy hauler, folding Kawasaki UTV mirrors are definitely the way to go!

In addition to adjustable UTV side mirrors that fold inward, many riders also enjoy the functionality and versatility of lighted side mirrors like the ones by Seizmik, Assault Industries, and Rigid Industries. Side mirrors with built-in LEDs will not only augment your existing headlights and light bars when your visibility is impared, but lighted side mirrors can also be used in lieu of your other lights when stealth is a priority. When hunting or fishing, for example, you can set your LED mirrors to either green or red to avoid detection from prey.

Final Thoughts On Kawasaki UTV Mirrors

From Kolpin UTV mirrors to Tusk UTV mirrors, there are multiple options out there for Kawasaki Mule and Teryx owners to choose between. Your side-by-side mirrors can be basic, or your side-by-side mirrors can be elaborate, it all depends on your own idiosyncratic wants and needs. If you’re fine with a set of mirrors that rattle and shake like the Mexican space shuttle, a cheap mirror from an unknown brand could be fine for you. But if you want a Kawasaki UTV mirror kit that holds firm, is easy to adjust, and does more than simply increase your visibility, we’ve got you covered with a multitude of mirror alternatives here at Everything Kawasaki Offroad!