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Amp Up Your Kawasaki KRX Storage in Style With These Rear and Top Bed Accessories

Jan 16, 2024

Amp Up Your Kawasaki KRX Storage in Style With These Rear and Top Bed Accessories

What’s the point of all that tuning and tinkering to crank up horsepower and “get lifted” if you can’t haul anything in that beautiful Kawasaki KRX? Especially if it’s a work vehicle, adding storage (human or non-human cargo) in the form of rear bed size and top bed accessories can transform your hard-working ATV just as dramatically as a suspension overhaul.

In order to meet this often overlooked need, Everything Kawasaki Offroad brings you a selection of top-tier accessories to enhance your ride. From practical cargo solutions to added seating comfort, here's a rundown of must-have ATV accessories that will take your adventures to new heights!

                              An image of the 2024 Kawasaki Terx KRX 1000 against a blank background

Our Favorite Kawasaki KRX Rear Bed Size Accessory: The Moose Cargo Bed Rack

Riding stock is fine and all, but have you ever felt the need for more cargo space in your Kawasaki KRX? Moose's Cargo Bed Rack answers that call. Crafted from rugged 16ga HRPO ASTM A 1011 steel, this bed rack spans the entire width and length of your vehicle's bed, offering ample space underneath and within the rack itself. Whether it's securing camping gear, tools, or even a cooler for your outdoor escapades, this rack provides plentiful tie-down spots. Made in the U.S.A., it's a sturdy addition that enhances your hauling capabilities.

SuperATV's Sport Accessory Bar Shelf: Boost Storage with Style

Too many toys, not enough room? SuperATV's Accessory Bar Shelf is your simple and seamless solution. Engineered from TIG-welded 1/8" steel, this shelf can carry an additional 100 lbs of cargo, making it an ideal solution for stowing away your gear securely. Its design allows for easy attachment to SuperATV's Sport Accessory Bars and Outfitter Racks, promising a perfect fit without compromising access to your molle panel. And wouldn’t you know, this accessory shows us that you can dramatically increase storage without a huge, bulky rack blocking your view and weighing down your vehicle. Say goodbye to storage limitations and hello to extra room for your essentials!

                                        An image of an ATV with SuperATV's accessory bar shelf installed above the bed.

SuperATV's Bed Enclosure: Unparalleled Protection

Keep your cargo safe and secure with SuperATV's Bed Enclosure designed specifically for the Kawasaki Teryx KRX 1000. Say goodbye to the worry of items slipping out during a rugged ride or while maneuvering around your property. Built with 3/4” diameter steel tubing and 1/16” steel plating, this lightweight yet durable enclosure provides a snug fit, complete with anchor points for hassle-free cargo securing. With UV-resistant powder coating, it ensures long-lasting durability and easy bolt-on installation, allowing you to focus on the thrill of the ride.

Kemimoto's Heavy-Duty Bed Cargo Net Saves from Sun Damage and More

Thanks to Kemimoto's Bed Cargo Net, you can skip that mini-prayer every time you go over a small bump, because your items aren’t going to “popcorn” out of your bed with this baby protecting them like a bulletproof canopy. Crafted from dense nylon with UV coating, this net not only secures your cargo but also shields it from the sun's harmful rays. With its adjustable design and durable materials featuring ultra-high-strength netting and integrated ripstop meshing, it's a reliable solution for keeping your valuable items intact. Easy to set up and use, this cargo net simplifies the loading and unloading process, making your offroad adventures more convenient.

                                         An image of an ATV with Kemimoto's bed cargo net installed, securing valuables in the bed.

Quadboss Offroad Rear Bed Jump Seat: Extra Seating for Enhanced Comfort

Toys are fun and all, but sometimes, the best “accessory” to bring along is someone to enjoy the ride with. When extra seating is on your wishlist for offroad ventures, Quadboss delivers with their Rear Bed Jump Seat. Wrapped in 300-denier water-resistant nylon, these cushioned seats provide comfort and reliability. Equipped with safety belts and a powder-coated steel frame, these seats are not just about comfort but also safety. Easily installed on most UTVs using quick-detach brackets, these seats flip up to provide more cargo space when needed, making them a versatile addition to your offroad arsenal.

Gear up your Kawasaki ATV with these accessories from Everything Kawasaki Offroad and elevate your adventures to a whole new level of comfort, convenience, and capability!