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​10 Most Common Questions About The Kawasaki Teryx

Apr 16, 2023

​10 Most Common Questions About The Kawasaki Teryx

Question 1: Where is the battery located on a Kawasaki Teryx?

Answer 1: The Kawasaki Teryx battery is located down low under the hood, below the air box filter, and above the front differential. You should see it if you look through the right inner fender well (on the passenger side), and this is also the best way to access it. If you turn your steering wheel all the way to the left, you can shimmy your old battery out and a new battery in without having to remove the airbox or the tire.

Question 2: What is the difference between a Kawasaki Teryx and Teryx LE?

Answer 2: The Kawasaki Teryx LE has four headlights instead of the standard two headlights that come on the base model Teryx, and it also includes a factory plastic roof. The base model of the Kawasaki Teryx comes with steel wheels instead of alloy wheels like the LE, and the LE wheels are one inch larger than the base trim. Although the suspension is the same on the LE and the base model, the suspension and a-arms are different on the Kawasaki Teryx S LE editions. You can also run 30” tires on a stock Teryx S LE.

Question 3: Is the Kawasaki Teryx belt driven?

Answer 3: Yes.

Question 4: Where is the oil filter on a Kawasaki Teryx?

Answer 4: the oil filter on a Kawasaki Teryx is on the bottom front section of the engine next to the CVT intake (the same area where you pull the plug on the engine). To access the oil filter, simply drop the skid plate under the engine.

Question 5: What is the horsepower of a Kawasaki Teryx?

Answer 5: The Kawasaki Teryx 750 can produce around 51-56 horsepower, while the Kawasaki Teryx 800 is capable of generating roughly 70-80 horsepower – depending on whether you measure at the crank or at the wheels.

Question 6: Where is the fuel filter on a Kawasaki Teryx?

Answer 6: The Kawasaki Teryx fuel filter is located on the bottom of the fuel tank on the lower part of the fuel pump assembly.

Question 7: Is the Kawasaki Teryx loud?

Answer 7: A stock, unmodified, Kawasaki Teryx is around 74 decibels at idle, and 86 decibels at a mid-range RPM. The latter is comparable to a food blender, a loud restaurant, or a movie theater.

If your Teryx is too loud for your liking, you can bolt a silencer muffler onto your existing exhaust, or you can install an air-box mod, add a full cab enclosure, and line the interior with Kilmat insulation to block both noise and engine heat.

Question 8: What is the length of a Kawasaki Teryx 4?

Answer 8: The Kawasaki Teryx 4 is 125.4 inches long, or a little more than 10 feet and five inches.

Question 9: Can you make a Kawasaki Teryx street legal?

Answer 9: Yes. Click here to learn more about how to make your Kawasaki UTV street legal.

Question 10: What oil should you put in a Kawasaki Teryx?

Answer 10: Any Wet clutch approved 10W-40 oil.