Steering / Controls

From replacement Kawasaki Teryx steering wheels to replacement Kawasaki Teryx steering racks, you'll find all the steering and control-related parts / components you need at Everything Kawasaki Offroad! A loose or wobbly steering line is never a good sign. Add to this periodic popping sounds or a power steering system that keeps jumping teeth and you've got yourself a problem. Depending on the feedback you're receiving from your UTV, you should check the U-joint on the steering post as well as the splines on your power steering box. Additionally, you can also reposition your Kawasaki Teryx steering wheel and install a steering rack upgrade kit from a company like Brute Performance. The latter comes with a bolt and a jam nut as well as a new spring bearing, and it doesn't require you to remove your steering rack. But if the damage to your steering system is messed up beyond all repair, don't fret, because Everything Kawasaki Offroad is here. Whether you need a replacement Kawasaki Teryx rack and pinion or a replacement steering wheel, the components we offer are first-rate yet inexpensive. And where other Kawasaki Teryx controls are concerned, we also offer replacement gas and brake pedals as well as the related components that make them function properly. Malfunctioning steering and control systems are annoying to say the least, but they can also be extremely dangerous. So don't mess around and get the Kawasaki Teryx steering and control replacements you need from Everything Kawasaki Offroad!

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Loose bolts in your steering line can cause both splines to wear and gears to skip. And if the steering rack moves faster than the steering shaft -- which is typically caused by low- to medium-speed impacts -- the steering wheel can become misaligned. But no matter if you got a little carried away and caused some slight steering damage, or if your steering system has degraded slowly over time through normal wear and tear, the Kawasaki Teryx replacement steering components we offer will set you straight! Be it a replacement steering wheel to rid yourself of the stock plastic version or a steering rack improvement kit like the one by Brute Performance, get exactly what you're after without having to overpay by shopping at Everything Kawasaki Offroad today!