Cooling System

Keeping your rig cool requires far more than a radiator alone. So if things are getting hot and your UTV is overheating, the Kawasaki Teryx cooling system replacements at Everything Kawasaki Offroad can help. Additives like Engine Ice and Water Wetter may help reduce the heat coming off the engine, but if a radiator fan is malfunctioning or if your bumper or a thick layer of mud is restricting airflow, your Kawasaki Teryx cooling system won't be able to dissipate heat like it's made to. Getting air in your Kawasaki Teryx cooling system will also cause issues. To eliminate air bubbles from your cooling lines, you can put your rig on an incline and let it idle with the radiator cap off. The front end needs to be about a foot higher than the back of the vehicle, so the incline has to be pretty steep. Alternatively, you can also jack the front of your machine up or use a front-mounted winch to hoist it up. Once the front end is above the rear, turn your UTV on, let it get up to normal operating temperatures, and put the radiator cap back on. Once it has cooled down, top off the coolant reservoir and you should be good to go!

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The replacement cooling system parts for the Kawasaki Teryx we offer are sure to preserve and prolong the life of your side-by-side. We have replacement water pumps, radiator relocation kits, and replacement thermostats for all Kawasaki Teryx vehicles. So if you've belched all the air from your cooling system, added new coolant, and wired your radiator fans to keyed power and are still overheating, we have the cooling system replacement components for you. Want to add a larger aftermarket impeller? Or how about bigger jets in the carb? Whatever Kawasaki Teryx cooling system components you're after, we can sort you out here at Everything Kawasaki Offroad! So don't do any further damage to your machine and keep the temperatures low with the Kawasaki Teryx cooling system parts available here!

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