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Single Person Race Systems

Leave the pack behind and conquer the solo racing scene with our cutting-edge Kawasaki Ridge single-person race systems. Experience the thrill of uncompromised performance and razor-sharp focus, knowing you're connected to your pit crew with crystal-clear audio and seamless transmission. Our systems feature noise-canceling technology to eliminate distractions, ensuring every message and instruction is loud and clear, even in the most intense racing environments. Lightweight and ergonomically designed, our systems integrate with all Ridge models, including Kawasaki Ridge Ranch, Kawasaki Ridge HVAC, and the Kawasaki Ridge Limited. Stay informed every step of the way - shop now!

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Buying Guide Single-Person Race Systems

Here's what to consider before buying:

Race Regulations

Dive deep into your racing series rulebook to find out their rules concerning the communication systems for single racers. Learn specific frequencies, antenna limitations, and even weight restrictions that might apply to you. Ensure your chosen system adheres to all regulations and seamlessly integrates with your Kawasaki Ridge.

Clarity and Range

Crystal-clear audio under the roar of engines is non-negotiable. Look for systems that have noise-canceling technology and impeccable sound quality. The range of the communication system is equally important. Factor in track size and potential for pit-to-rider communication to ensure a reliable connection throughout the race. 

Features & Ease of Use

Consider your racing needs. Do you require basic push-to-talk or advanced features like VOX (voice-activated transmission for hands-free operation) and Bluetooth connectivity for music or data transfer? Choose a system with easily accessible controls to operate without taking your hands off the steering. And look for systems with pre-programmed settings for quick access to frequently used functions like pit crew communication channels.


Racing throws every element at you. Opt for a system designed to withstand vibration, dust, and even moisture. Seek out brands known for their ruggedness and reliable performance under pressure. If you're going for helmets, choose a headset that fits snugly but comfortably under your helmet, minimizing fatigue and distractions.

Compatibility and Integration

Ensure the system seamlessly integrates with your specific Kawasaki Ridge model. Avoid compatibility issues that could lead to installation headaches or performance limitations. In addition to that, you should also consider your future needs. Will you want to add single or multi-person race systems or integrate other racing communication gear? Choose a system with a modular design and compatible accessories to future-proof your investment.

Budget and Value

While high-end systems offer advanced features, budget-friendly options can still provide excellent communication capabilities. Determine your needs and priorities to find a system that delivers optimal value within your budget.