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Ditch the hand signals and tangled wires and explore our range of cutting-edge communication systems and accessories designed to meet your off-road needs. Whether cruising solo or venturing with a group, you can easily stay connected with crystal-clear audio from weatherproof helmet headsets, intercoms, long-range CB radios, walkie-talkies, satellite communication options, etc. Enjoy hassle-free installation with plug-and-play kits, and customize your setup with various accessories. From solo expeditions to group adventures, these Kawasaki Ridge Communication systems and accessories will keep you connected and ready to explore further. Shop now!

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Buying Guide Kawasaki Ridge Communication Systems & Accessories

Terrain and Range 

If you're conquering trails near your home, you'll need a different communication system than if you're traversing vast deserts. Consider the terrain's impact on range and signal clarity. Short rides might be okay with basic walkie-talkies. At the same time, extended expeditions call for long-range CB radios or satellite communicators. If you're riding with team members, ensure that the range of the comms systems will serve you effectively without any hiccups.

Budget & Weatherproof Ability

Consider how much you will spend getting the communication systems and accessories your Kawasaki Ridge needs. You should prioritize the important ones, and while you're doing that, don't let rain or dust dampen your ride! Opt for weatherproof communication systems with sealed components and water-resistant PTT buttons. This ensures clear communication even in the harshest conditions.


Time is precious on the trails; therefore, choosing plug-and-play communication systems that integrate easily with your Kawasaki Ridge is essential. The installation process for the different communication systems and accessories will vary; hence, you must have a good grasp on installing, using, and troubleshooting the system while on the trails. 

Accessories for Added Value

You can further enhance your communication experience with the right accessories. Noise-canceling microphones eliminate the engine and environmental noise while you're speaking, and external speakers boost audio clarity in windy conditions. Other accessories you should consider include mounting kits, extra batteries for the communication systems, wiring harnesses, and storage compartments.

Riding Style

Are you a lone wolf carving solo paths or a pack leader guiding your crew? As a solo rider, consider prioritizing Bluetooth-enabled helmet headsets for music and GPS navigation. But if you ride with your groups (teams or families), it's best to get a robust intercom system for clear, multi-way communication.

Smartphone & Satelitte Integration

If you get a communication system that supports Bluetooth connectivity, you can seamlessly pair your smartphone for music streaming and calls and even access off-road apps with GPS navigation. And if you're venturing off the beaten path, consider satellite communication systems that offer emergency messaging and tracking, as these will help you stay connected. However, you should remember that satellite communication systems don't come cheap.