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Radio / Radio Kits

Transform your Kawasaki Ridge from a solo ride to an integral part of an adventure with our Radio & Communication Kits. Our kits offer a variety of options to suit your needs. Choose from noise-canceling headsets blocking engine roar and wind noises or radios with PTT functionality. You can also get 2-way radios like walkie-talkies or purchase kits that include radios and accessories for installation and easy usage. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a weekend warrior, these kits will elevate your Ridge riding experience. Order your Kawasaki Ridge radio & radio kits today and unleash the power of connected riding!

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Buying Guide Radio and Radio communication Kits Kawasaki Ridge

Whether you're tackling rugged terrain with friends or exploring new paths with family, seamless communication is crucial for a safe ride in your Kawasaki Ridge UTV. Use the tips below as a guide to shop.

Audio Clarity

Invest in radios and kits with noise-canceling microphones and high-fidelity speakers for crystal-clear communication, even in challenging environments. Look for features like adjustable volume and multiple speaker options for optimal sound distribution.

Communication Range

Will you primarily navigate tight trails or venture into expansive landscapes? Consider the communication range offered by the different kits. Short-range systems are ideal for close-knit groups, while long-range options ensure everyone stays connected on vast terrains. Remember, some kits allow for range expansion through additional components.

Ease of Installation

Avoid wasting precious riding time struggling with complicated setups. Opt for kits designed for plug-and-play installation with your Kawasaki Ridge's. Look for features like pre-wired components, intuitive controls, and clear instructions for a hassle-free setup.

Number of Users

How many crew members will be joining the adventure? Choose a radio and kit that accommodates your team size. Some systems offer individual headsets, microphones, and 2-way radios for each rider, while others utilize intercom functionality for group communication. Remember, scalability is crucial if you plan to grow your group in the foreseeable future.

Additional Features

Consider kits with extra features like integrated music streaming, GPS connectivity, or Bluetooth pairing for smartphones, depending on your needs. Some systems even offer hands-free operation for added convenience and safety.


Radio & Communication Kits range in price depending on features and complexity. Determine your budget and prioritize features most important to your riding style and team needs. A reliable radio communication system can enhance your UTV riding experience for years.

Get These Radio Systems & Kits

As you shop, we recommend you check out walkie-talkies, which provide backup communication or short-range alternatives for specific situations. Choose compact and water-resistant models for easy portability. Also, consider upgrading antennas to enhance signal range and clarity, especially for long-distance adventures or mountainous terrain. Consider options with specific frequency compatibility for your chosen radio system. To install your upgraded antenna, you should purchase magnetic mounts that are easy to move and install.