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Helmet Kits

Prepare for your next adventure with complete helmet kits for ultimate comfort, safety, and communication. Our kits offer various options to suit your riding style and crew size. Choose from off-road helmets built for rugged terrain, full-face helmets for maximum protection, or open-face helmets for a breezy ride. All helmets feature integrated communication systems that keep you connected on the go, whether you’re navigating trails or chatting with friends. Each helmet kit includes accessories like windshields that deflect dust and debris, microphones to ensure clear communication, and helmet liners for a snug, comfortable fit. Upgrade your experience with optional features like Bluetooth speakers, headsets, intercom systems, etc. Don't compromise on safety or fun - shop now!

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Consider These Factors As You Shop

Helmet kits offer comprehensive protection and communication, making your ride more enjoyable and stress-free. These factors will guide you in making the right choice.

Helmet Type & Riding Style

One of the first things to consider is the type of helmet you own. You can get the strictly off-road full-face or open-face helmets, which are ideal for tackling rough terrain with their protective visors and breathable design. Both helmet types provide enough protection depending on your riding style. The kit you choose will likely be designed for either of these helmet types. 

Crew Size & Communication

Take into consideration the size of your crew when choosing a helmet kit. Group kits should include multiple helmets, headsets, or intercom systems, as this is ideal for staying connected with your crew. You should also note the helmet kit's communication range and features. Bluetooth connectivity, noise cancellation, and voice activation features will enhance your riding experience.

Comfort & Fit

Choose helmets with adjustable ventilation systems for optimal comfort in different weather conditions. Consider helmets with multiple padding options if you want to ensure a snug, secure fit. And where necessary, you can add helmet liners or cheek pads for a personalized fit and extra comfort.

Additional Features & Accessories

Consider what extra features the helmet kits you've chosen have. Features like Bluetooth speakers, intercom systems, adjustable helmet windshields, hydration packs, vents, and race air pump systems will ensure a smooth and comfortable ride.

Budget & Brand Preference

As you shop, set a realistic budget and explore helmet kits within your budget range. You should also buy only brands known for safe and quality products. Remember to pay attention to their warranty options and customer service reviews.

Safety Features

Remember to check your helmet to see if it meets the required safety features and has the necessary certifications. It should have at least one or all of the three - DOT, ECE, or SNELL certifications. Other contents of your helmet kits should also meet the required safety standards of their respective industries.