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Complete Kits with Radio

Communicate more with your Kawasaki Ridge with these revered complete communication kits! These pre-assembled kits packed with everything you need will help you ditch the silence so you can amplify your off-road experience. Prepare to share in the banter, warn your crew of obstacles ahead, and share your location with your group with this kit. Each kit is meticulously curated to match your needs, riding style, and Kawasaki Ridge model. They offer features like Bluetooth connectivity, intercom systems, and long-range antennas. Thanks to the included mounting hardware and clear instructions, installation is a breeze, ensuring you're ready to rock quickly.

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Buying Guide Complete Kits with Radio

Ready to transform your Kawasaki Ridge from a silent ride to an audio oasis? Here's a breakdown of critical factors to guide your purchase:

Riding Style

One of the most significant factors influencing your buying decision is your riding style. If you're a thrill seeker, you should prioritize long-range radios for clear communication across vast distances. Consider intercom systems for group rides and rugged, waterproof designs for challenging terrain.

Kit Features & Functionality

As you prepare to pick a complete communications kit for your Kawasaki Ridge, you should discover the components that will come with the kit. Does it include a radio, headsets, an intercom, and a PTT system? If it comes with the radio, what's the range of the radio? Do the headsets have noise-cancellation technology? These are some of the questions you should ask to ensure that the kit you're getting will serve you well. Features like Bluetooth connectivity, hands-free, user-friendly interfaces, multiple-channel support, and weather-resistant construction are also worth having on the components in your kit.

Budget & Brand

Define your spending limit and compare kits within that range. Consider each brand's value proposition and features and the kit's components to ensure they're what you need for your Kawasaki Ridge. Research reputable brands for quality and durability, and remember to compare warranties.


Concerning installation, ensure the kit comes with clear instructions and readily available installation accessories. Double-check that the kit is specifically designed for your Kawasaki Ridge model. If you don't have the necessary DIY skills, you should get a professional to help install these communication kits. Factor in the installation costs into your budget.


While this is a small dealbreaker, it's a vital buying factor, especially if you have plans for future upgrades. Will you add additional speakers or accessories later? Choose a kit with upgrade potential to save you from a lot of stress in the future.