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Turn Signal & Horn Kits

A crucial component of any street-legal Kawasaki Teryx is a well-functioning turn signal and horn kit. Kawasaki Teryx turn signals and horns are mandatory for on-road riding under the ordinances of most municipalities. So if you're wanting to use your Teryx as a commuter rig, if you don't own a trailer and need to travel on public roads, or if you simply have the desire to tool around town or jaunt about in your Kawasaki Teryx for fun, you're going to need a turn signal and horn kit to comply with the rules of the road. Ryco turn signal and horn kits for the Kawasaki Teryx are popular, and although they're a bit spendy, most riders find them to be well worth the money. In addition to Ryco's Kawasaki Teryx turn signal and horn kits, the UTV firm TurnPro also makes great turn signals for the Kawasaki Teryx. TurnPro's signal kit for the Kawasaki Teryx comes with the option to add a horn, so if you don't need a horn, you don't have to pay for it. This kit comes with six signal lights for the front, and utilizes your stock rear tail lights for the back. In this way, the instal is much simpler, requiring less bulbs, fewer harnesses, and as little wiring as possible. Don't risk getting ticketed and install a Kawasaki Teryx turn signal and horn kit before your next joy ride!

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Kawasaki Teryx turn signals and horns are crucial for riders who want to take their UTV on public roads. According to state and municipal ordinances across the United States, it is mandatory to have a UTV turn signal and horn kit to ride on public streets. Whether you use your Teryx for commuting, leisurely rides around town, or have no other means of transportation, investing in a Kawasaki Teryx turn signal and horn kit is essential.

RYCO is a popular maker of Kawasaki Teryx turn signal and horn kits, and although their products can be a bit expensive, most riders find them worth the investment. Other brands such as TurnPro, XTC Powersports, DragonFire, and Tusk also offer great turn signal and horn kits that provide multi-LED signal lights for the front and back blinker bulbs that use the stock rear tail-light harnesses for power. This makes the installation process straightforward, requires fewer steps, less wiring, and a higher fault tolerance.

Even if you only ride on OHV (off-highway vehicle) trails, UTV parks, and privately-held property, having signaling accessories such as the Kawasaki Teryx 4 turn signal kits, the Kawasaki Teryx 1000 turn signal kits, and the Kawasaki Teryx plug-&-play turn signal kits available at Everything Kawasaki Offroad can be useful. If you ride in a group, installing a turn signal kit can make communication more manageable and safe, and it can also be used to express your intentions behind the wheel without speaking.

Kawasaki Teryx turn signals and horns can also be used for off-roading purposes. If you're holding down the rear position in your group, you can notify the riders ahead of you with your horn if you require their attention. If you need to pull over because of a flat tire or if you're thirsty and need a drink from your cooler in the rig a few machines up, you can signal with your horn. Kawasaki Teryx turn signals come in handy when you want to let your friends know you're turning down the trail a quarter-mile up the way when the trail sharply bifurcates.

Some riders prefer individual Kawasaki Teryx turn signal kits, while others choose complete Kawasaki Teryx road-ready kits such as the 520917 model by DragonFire Racing. These kits make UTV compliant with on-road traffic laws, and are perfect for those who use their Teryx on public streets regularly. Regardless of your use case, Everything Kawasaki Offroad is the best place to shop for quality, inexpensive, reliable, and easy-to-install Kawasaki Teryx turn signal and horn kits. Don't risk getting ticketed and install a Kawasaki Teryx turn signal and horn kit on your UTV before your next joyride!