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Roof Racks

With low-profile Kawasaki roof racks, removable Kawasaki Teryx roof racks, and roofs for the Kawasaki Teryx that include built-in roof racks, there’s no better place to procure any permutation of a Kawasaki Teryx roof rack than Everything Kawasaki Offroad! We’ve got Kawasaki Teryx roof racks with lightbar cutouts, detachable Kawasaki Teryx 4 roof racks that can be quickly installed and removed, as well as Kawasaki Teryx 800 roof racks with features like wind deflectors and anchor points; so whatever it is you seek, it can surely be found at Everything Kawasaki Offroad!
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Regardless of whether you’re wanting a Kawasaki Teryx roof rack to carry a spare tire when you’re high-alpine riding, or a Kawasaki Teryx 4 roof rack to haul canopy umbrellas and folding beach chairs when you’re kicking it in the sun, you can achieve pert near anything with a Kawasaki Teryx roof rack from Everything Kawasaki Offroad! The off-road roof racks we offer for the Kawasaki Teryx and Teryx KRX will not only aid you when riding recreationally for fun and excitement, but they’ll also prove highly practical for activities such as hunting, fishing, and camping. Add to this the usefulness of Kawasaki Teryx roof racks within the industrial sector and you’ve got yourself a product that can haul metal I-beams and lumber just as easily as it can haul kayaks and fishing rods! There are a million and a half ways in which one can use their Teryx, and equally many ways in which they can use a Kawasaki Teryx roof rack. Be it some low-profile Kawasaki Teryx roof rails that are able sneak below tree branches and cliff overhangs, a Kawasaki Teryx roof basket capable of holding massive amounts of gear and supplies, or a Kawasaki Teryx safari rack that can be used as a platform for bino and scope glassing, don’t miss out on the benefits that a Kawasaki Teryx roof rack provides!  

When discussing Kawasaki Teryx roof racks, it’s important to distinguish between the two major styles of UTV roof racks. The first category of roof racks for the Kawasaki Teryx are roofs with built-in racks. Some plastic side-by-side roofs are specialty molded with built-in depressions in which you can store cargo boxes. Other roofs are constructed from steel, aluminum, or one of several other metal alloys, and include either built-in racks or rack-like features such as cross rails, wind deflectors, and / or anchor points. The material your metal roof and rack are made out of is important for several reasons. You obviously want your roof rack to be strong enough to safely support a few hundred pounds, but you also don’t want it to be too heavy. For this reason, aluminum Kawasaki Teryx roof racks are popular, which allow riders to pack and carry more while contributing less to raising the vehicle’s center of gravity. If you’re looking for a one-stop solution for both a roof and a roof rack, a Kawasaki Teryx roof / rack combo is likely a good fit for you! 

The second type of Kawasaki Teryx roof rack is removable Kawasaki Teryx roof racks. This category of roof rack is perfect for those who already have a factory or aftermarket roof. You can get removable Kawasaki Teryx roof racks that mount to the machine’s roll bars via u-bolts, as well as removable Kawasaki Teryx roof racks that lock down directly to the roof itself. In some instances, roof rack kits for the Kawasaki Teryx come with brackets or tabs that you fix to the vehicle and then attach to the rack afterwards. In this way, you’ll get an easy on-and-off action for a quick-detach Kawasaki Teryx roof rack! 

Many riders like the Kawasaki Teryx roof racks by Razorback Offroad, and if you’ve either got a Kawasaki Teryx KRX without a roof or a Kawasaki Teryx  with a plastic roof, Prinsu has some excellent roof rack options for you! The Prinsu roof rack for the Kawasaki Teryx KRX does a whole lot more than hold your stuff. It has a vertical crossbar on the rear section that can be used to mount equipment, while the front wind deflector comes as an optional feature that not only looks mean, but also has a cut-out through which you can mount auxiliary lights! As far as durability goes, it’s hard to do better than the low-profile Kawasaki Teryx KRX roof racks by Prinsu! 

No matter if you're after a 2008 Kawasaki Teryx roof rack for quail hunting, or a 2021 Kawasaki Teryx KRX roof rack for long-distance baja rides, don’t skimp out and get with Everything Kawasaki Offroad to have all your roof rack needs met. Our roof racks are strong, stable, sturdy, and multi-functional, with options for every environment and all activities. So get one for work, or get one for leisure, but make life better while riding in the great outdoors by adding a Kawasaki Teryx roof rack to your setup today!