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Portal Gear Lifts

If you ride mud parks, installing a portal gear lift on your Kawasaki Teryx is a great way to gain both ground clearance and torque. But even trail riders and prairie rollers can benefit from Kawasaki Teryx portal gear lifts. Regardless of whether you want 4” portals or 6” portals, Kawasaki Teryx portals with a significant gear reduction, or non-reduction UTV portals, you’ll find everything you’re after here at Everything Kawasaki Offroad! In many places, you’ve gotta have a big machine to make it through the tricky parts of the trail. And while it might be possible to go around the hard sections, where’s the fun in that? Attaining some extra height with a standard bracket lift is a decent option for some, but for others, increased ground clearance at the expense of comfort and reliability is simply out of the question. Unlike standard UTV lift kits, Kawasaki Teryx portal gear lifts don’t increase the angle of the axles. As such, portals are less likely to create excessive axle heat. Furthermore, Kawasaki Teryx portals won’t cause axle tips to break off inside the differentials. If you want a stiff and uncomfortable ride, go with a bracket lift. But if you want to keep the factory geometry of your machine while still positioning it higher above the ground, a Kawasaki Teryx portal gear lift is the way to go!

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Don’t mess around with bracket lifts, body lifts, or suspension lifts and breeze through anything the trail throws at you with a set of Kawasaki Teryx portals. While other styles of UTV lifts do have their place, Kawasaki Teryx portal gear lifts are better for various reasons. Not only can Kawasaki Teryx portal hubs increase your ground clearance by 4-8 inches (even more when you stack them or install taller rims / tires), but portals lift the vehicle while also preserving the factory axle geometry. By not creating aggressive axle / driveline angles, portal gear lifts for the Kawasaki Mule don’t cause as many problems as other styles of side-by-side lifts. Plus, because kits like the gen 1, gen 2, or gen 3 portal gear lifts by SuperATV grant users the choice of a 15%, 30%, or 45% gear reduction, Teryx UTVs on portals have more torque and are better able to spin heavy aftermarket tires. Whether you like to dominate obstacles while trail riding in your Teryx 4 1000, or rip through mud bogs without batting an eye in your Teryx KRX, you won’t be disappointed with the added power, clearance, and dependability that Kawasaki Teryx portal gear lifts provide! And by shopping at Everything Kawasaki Offroad, you’ll obtain nothing but the finest products from the industry’s leading aftermarket manufacturers!

The advantages of Kawasaki Teryx portal gear lifts are clearly evident, but there is a slight fly in the ointment when it comes to UTV portals. After installing portal boxes on your Kawasaki Teryx, your ability to ride roads, tracks, and wide-open trails at high rates of speed becomes diminished. When it comes to creeping around swamps or powering through pits of peanut butter mud, portal gear lifts can’t be beat. But where top speeds are concerned, portals aren’t the best add-on for racers or those who love driving fast. Depending on your exhaust, clutching, tire size, and tune, you’re looking at a max speed of 40-50mph after installing Kawasaki Teryx portals. But if you rarely ride roads and care more about your abilities on the trail, portals are perfect for you. And if you abuse your portal gear lift a bit too much, we also offer replacement portal bearings and portal seal rebuilds here at Everything Kawasaki Offroad -- as well as upgraded ball joints, fresh tie rods, and aftermarket heim / clevis steering setups. Never settle for anything but the best and get yourself a Kawasaki Teryx portal gear lift from Everything Kawasaki Offroad now!