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Hand Controls

Just like side-by-sides, Kawasaki UTV owners come in all shapes and sizes. And for the riders out there with disabilities, we're to help you keep on riding with the Kawasaki Teryx hand controls from Everything Kawasaki Offroad! Through the use of our brake hand controls and gas hand controls, you can operate the pedals of your rig with your hands instead of your feet. And after installing a Kawasaki Teryx spinner knob, a palm grip, or an amputee ring, you'll become more comfortable behind the wheel and better at making those sharp curves and quick turns!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Kawasaki Teryx Hand Controls?

Kawasaki Teryx Hand Control Types

Your choice of hand control types should align with your driving preferences, physical requirements, potential medical conditions, and the environment you tend to explore.

For instance, ergonomic palm grips are excellent for long journeys, providing ease and minimizing hand strain, particularly beneficial for those with hand sensitivity. 

Tri-pin grips are perfect for rigorous conditions, offering steadfast control in slick or muddy situations. 

Single-pin grips, with their streamlined design, are ideal for swift, agile maneuvers. This is likely why most people prefer these.

Lastly, the V grips stand out for their ergonomic design, providing extra leverage and support, a boon for drivers seeking alternative control methods. 

Experiment with these options in actual driving conditions to determine the best fit for your Teryx adventures. 

Resilience and Material Quality

Kawasaki Teryx hand controls crafted from robust materials such as high-grade plastics and metals for endurance and reliability have always been the go-to.

Materials like aluminum and soft-touch rubbers are preferred for their durability and comfort, especially when finished with user-friendly coatings.

In environments prone to moisture or rough use, choose hand controls with anti-corrosive properties or protective finishes. 

The mounting mechanisms, brackets, bolts, and fastenings should be strong enough to endure intense usage for years.

Installation Simplicity and User-Focused Design

Always go with hand controls that are easy to install and adjust, preferably accompanied by comprehensive guides or video tutorials if possible.

Consider models offering modifiable features or adaptable designs to suit various hand sizes and grip preferences, thus enhancing comfort and control in your Kawasaki Teryx.

Innovative Features

Features like tactile feedback, thermal resistance, or shock absorption can significantly elevate the hand control experience in your Kawasaki Teryx.

These elements are crucial for maintaining comfort during extended rides or navigating challenging terrains that require precise control and frequent sharp turns.

Adjustable hand controls that permit modifications in angle, height, or position can improve the ergonomic aspect, reduce physical stress, and personalize your Kawasaki Teryx driving experience to suit your unique needs and wants.