Fire/Medical Rescue

Be it for ad hoc search and rescue missions or for fighting wildland fires, Everything Kawasaki Offroad has a wide range of amazing fire and medical rescue accessories for the Kawasaki Teryx. Many Teryx accessories with wide-ranging uses are perfectly suited for UTV fire and medical rescue applications. Communications systems, for example, are great when you're riding around with friends and family on the weekend, but for organized fire and medical rescue efforts, clear and reliable communication systems are essential. Municipal fire crews often use intercoms to stay connected, with wireless headsets or in-helmet speakers and mics to both send and receive voice commands. For longer-distance communications that are typical in wildlife search and rescue operations, VHF, GMRS, and Ham radios can be used to maximize the area over which members are able to communicate. And like comms systems, lighting setups are also must-have Kawasaki Teryx accessories for firefighting and medical rescue. Spot lights can be used to penetrate deep into dark forests or across long stretches of land, while flood lights allow individuals to see more accurately up close. But whatever you're involved in, don't put lives in jeopardy and get the right Kawasaki Teryx fire and medical accessories from Everything Kawasaki Offroad prior to embarkation.

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Before the firefighting or medical rescue mission can begin, you'll likely have to traverse city streets or county highways in order to access the area of interest. And if you're helping out in an unofficial capacity or on a volunteer basis, it might be wise to have a street-legal side-by-side before heading out into public spaces. For this, we offer turn signal and horn kits, DOT-rated accessories, license plate holders, and everything else one needs to be safe and legally compliant. And once you're all set on the street legal side, we have fire and medical rescue accessories for the Kawasaki Teryx like off-road stretchers, pull-behind water pumps, and UTV-specific megaphones to use when you're in the field. Never be unprepared and equip your Kawasaki Teryx with the appropriate fire and medical rescue accessories today!

Any machine with an internal combustion engine will pose fire risks, and even battery-powered vehicles can go up in flames. So to keep your machine, your passengers, and yourself safe from fires, you should always have a UTV fire extinguisher on hand and at the ready. But side-by-side fires are just the tip of the iceberg, as the Kawasaki Teryx can also be retrofitted for use in firefighting and rescue operations. One firefighting accessory for the Kawasaki Teryx that riders rave about is the Firelite skid unit by Kimtek with a Darley Davey pump, a poly water tank, and a rescue area. Aside from Kimtek’s Firelite skid unit, the firm also offers Kawasaki Teryx medical skids for both search and rescue operations and emergency medical evacuations. Whether you’re a volunteer firefighter, a member of your local search and rescue team, or simply a rider who prefers to stay on the safe side, we’ve got the right Kawasaki Teryx fire and rescue accessories for you at Everything Kawasaki Offroad!

Be it a foam fire extinguisher for your Teryx KRX, a powder fire extinguisher for your Teryx 750, or a CO2 fire extinguisher for your Teryx 4 S LE, we carry it all here at Everything Kawasaki Offroad! Class A fire extinguishers for the Kawasaki Teryx work well with organic materials such as paper, cardboard, and wood, but when it comes to fires fueled by flammable liquids like gas, grease, and oil, you’re going to want a Class B fire extinguisher. Furthermore, for battery fires and fires caused by electricity / electrical wires, a Class C fire extinguisher is the best course of action. So just because you’ve got a fire extinguisher in your UTV, you might still be susceptible to different types of fires.

In addition to the type of fire extinguisher you run, products like Kawasaki Teryx fire extinguisher mounts are also integral for safety. After all, if you’re unable to access your fire extinguisher, what good will it do you? The velcro fire extinguisher holders, roll bar fire extinguisher straps, and soft fire extinguisher mounting kits by companies like QuadBoss, Warn, and Pro Armor are both cheap and effective. You can use them to fix your fire extinguisher to the driver’s side a-pillar, the middle upper roll bar, or the rear c-pillar of your Teryx, and by doing so, you’ll ensure that it’s
easily accessible in the event of a fire. Additionally, metal fire extinguisher mounts, plastic fire extinguisher mounts, and billet fire extinguisher mounts are also popular, as they are sturdy, rigid, and firm. Plus, with a quick-release Kawasaki Teryx fire extinguisher mount from a company like Assault Industries, you’ll be able to free your extinguisher and put it to use in a matter of seconds!

When small-scale fire extinguishers and fire extinguisher mounts for the Kawasaki Teryx just won’t cut it, the in-bed water tanks and deluge systems we offer are sure to get the job done! As we mentioned earlier, the bed skids, water tanks, and firefighting products by Kimtek are in a league of their own – the perfect accessory for wildland fires, structure fires, or grassland fires. With an integrated tank that can hold up to 85 gallons, you’ll have ample space to carry water or other flame-retardant fluids. You can use this tank in conjunction with the included adapter to fill up water backpacks to tackle fires on foot, or you can turn on the two-stage high pressure pump, unreel the hose, and ready the nozzles to blast massive amounts of water directly from the tank itself!

Firefighting accessories for the Kawasaki Teryx are great for both small fires and configurations, but there are other accessories that prove useful for both firefighting as well as medical search and rescue operations. One such accessory is a Kawasaki Teryx communication kit with an intercom and two-way radio. Through the use of a comm system, you’ll be in constant contact with the other members of your team to organize and optimize your efforts as a synchronous unit. Additionally, Kawasaki Teryx lights (spot lights, flood lights, scene lights, etc.) are not only essential for rescue missions that take place at night, but also for low-visibility smoke-filled environments that restrict natural sunlight. No matter what the situation calls for, you can come prepared with the right Kawasaki Teryx fire and rescue accessories from Everything Kawasaki Offroad!

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