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Do you want to remove the limiters in your Kawasaki Teryx? Are you looking for better performance out of your clutch kit or dual exhaust system? Whatever you're after, be it on-the-fly fuel mapping or an ECU reflash to get more speed on the top end, Everything Kawasaki Offroad has the right ECU tuner or programmer for every task big and small. The base tune on the Kawasaki Teryx is great for stock components. But once you start making aftermarket modifications, you'll begin to realize how much the machine's ECU affects its ride. With 32" Blackwater tires, a Trinity exhaust, and an aftermarket clutch kit, for example, you might be able to get up to 50 MPH tops in your Teryx. But with a Dynotech programmer or something similar installed to tweak the ECU, you could increase your top speed by over 20% to 62 MPH. And in addition to getting rid of speed limiters, Kawasaki Teryx ECU tuners can also override automatic differential locking. Need to adjust your fuel-to-air ratio for higher elevations? Want an ECU tuner that is user friendly and gives you total control over your machine's computer? You can have it all with the Kawasaki Teryx ECU tuners from Everything Kawasaki Offroad!

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From Kawasaki Teryx power commanders and fuel mappers to full-blown Kawasaki Teryx ECU tuners from industry-leading firms like Trinity Racing and Trail Tech, the easiest way to get more out of your side-by-side is through the use of a Kawasaki Teryx ECU tuner! And to find the latest and greatest Kawasaki Teryx ECU tuners on the market today, there’s no better place to go than Everything Kawasaki Offroad! You can install an ECU tuner on a bone-stock machine to override factory presets like speed limiters and rev governors, but that’s just the beginning! ECU tuners for the Kawasaki Teryx are used by riders to control engine temperatures, remap fuel curves, and manipulate other aspects of the vehicle’s “brain” for better performance, greater efficiencies, and added comfort. Furthermore, if you’ve added an aftermarket exhaust system, an upgraded clutch kit, or a set of oversized mud tires to your UTV, a Kawasaki Teryx ECU tuner will be required to maximize the potential of your newly-installed aftermarket accessories. No matter what your end goal may be – whether it’s to adjust the air-to-fuel ratio for a richer mixture, to change the factory drive-by-wire configurations, or to simply view / monitor vehicle data in real time – you can achieve it all and so much more by installing a Kawasaki Teryx ECU tuner from Everything Kawasaki Offroad!

Before you reap the benefits of a Kawasaki Teryx ECU tuner, you must first be able to find the Kawasaki Teryx ECU location. This is because ECU tuners for the Kawasaki Teryx plug directly into the electronic control unit itself, which makes finding it your number one priority. If you look in front of the dash panel between the ignition and the steering wheel, you should be able to see a block looking thing with two flanges / plugs on the bottom – that would be your ECU module. You might have to pull the front plastics off to access the ECU, which makes it a bit of a pain to get to. But once you’ve identified the ECU, you’ll be able to install an aftermarket ECU tuner, remove the ECU, or even exchange the unit with a replacement Kawasaki Teryx ECU!

Many riders choose to send in their ECUs to companies like Alba Racing or JBS Performance to have them flashed or reflashed. This is a reasonable option if you have aftermarket parts, kits, or accessories from these companies, but you won’t get nearly as much versatility, adjustability, or customizability as you would with a Kawasaki Teryx ECU tuner. An Alba flash, for example, will remove the speed limiter and diff lock, but an Alba tune won’t be optimized for a Trinity Exhaust or an EPI Performance clutch. Some Kawasaki Teryx 4 ECU tuners, Kawasaki Teryx 800 ECU tuners, and Kawasaki Teryx KRX ECU tuners are universal, while others are designed for use in conjunction with specific brands of aftermarket accessories. 

Like ECU Tuners, Kawasaki Teryx power commanders like the Power Commander V fuel injection module by DynoJet piggyback off of the machine’s existing sensors and ECU infrastructure. If you want to tune your engine for high performance, a Kawasaki Teryx or Kawasaki Teryx KRX 1000 power commander might be the right choice for you. You can add tunes, change tunes, and upgrade tunes with a power commander just like you can with an ECU tuner. But with a Kawasaki Teryx power commander, you can also use the included software to monitor aftermarket sensors and build adjustment tables based on vehicle feedback like boost levels and internal temperatures. If you want to add auto-tune, you can do so with a Kawasaki Teryx power commander. Or if you want to tinker with launch control on your fuel / ignition Teryx edition, this can also be done with a Kawasaki Teryx power commander! 

Regardless of whether you’re in need of a Kawasaki Teryx 4 ECU upgrade or an aftermarket Kawasaki Teryx ECU tuner for your 2011 Teryx, your 2022 Teryx, or any other year of the Kawasaki Teryx, we’ve got the perfect product for you at Everything Kawasaki Offroad! Our ECU tuners enable users to flash a tune of their choosing at will using the OEM diagnostic connector, then display the results on a high-contrast screen. And because our Kawasaki Teryx ECU tuners are waterproof and weather resistant, they can be used in wintertime on vehicles with track systems just as easily as they can be used in the spring on mud machines. Don’t let performance gains pass you by and pick up a Kawasaki Teryx ECU tuner from Everything Kawasaki Offroad today!

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