Offroad Short Course

Whether you're spotting, pre-running, or the lead driver on an offroad short course circuit, get an edge over the competition with the right Kawasaki Teryx offroad short course communication kit! Having the appropriate skills behind the wheel is one thing, but riders who know how to leverage information to their benefit gain a tremendous advantage on the track. So to keep in constant contact with teammates, coaches, and pit crew members, experienced racers use Kawasaki Teryx offroad short course communication systems. And like the other accessories we offer at Everything Kawasaki Offroad, our Teryx offroad short course communication kits are second to none. They are multi-channel systems, which gives you and your team a wide variety of frequency options. And because we offer custom comm packages, you can pick and choose what you need, and what can be left out. On the crew side, our offroad short course communication systems include over-ear headsets and radios, while on the driver's side, they come with earbuds, mics, jumper cables, and PTT buttons. Want to exchange the included earbuds with helmet speakers? No problem. Are you more partial to voice-activated transmission modules over PTT buttons? We have those as well. Get a leg up on your competitors and equip your Kawasaki Teryx with an offroad short course communication system from Everything Kawasaki Offroad!

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Because they are programmable, the offroad short course communication systems we offer can be calibrated to a setting that best suits your needs. And if you are racing with a co-driver in the passenger seat, we offer Kawasaki Teryx Offroad short course comm systems with intercoms. Whether you're on an oval track, a figure eight course, or anything in between, stay in touch with your team with one of the many great offroad short course communication kits available at Everything Kawasaki Offroad!