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Carrier Bearings

Kawasaki Teryx carrier bearings don’t go out often, but when they do, you’ll be glad to have Everything Kawasaki Offroad in your corner! On top of the Kawasaki Teryx carrier bearing replacements we sell, you can also come to Everything Kawasaki Offroad for Kawasaki Teryx carrier bearing greasers – provided that you’re running a greasable carrier bearing!

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Bearings are a tried and tested technology utilized by almost every machine in existence – and off-road UTVs like the Kawasaki Teryx are no different. There are numerous sizes and styles of bearings in the Kawasaki Teryx lineup, ranging from wheel bearings and steering stem bearings to Kawasaki Teryx carrier bearings. Regarding the latter, both axle carrier bearings as well as driveshaft carrier bearings are important, with the latter being a key component in the drivetrain which keeps the prop shaft in place and prevents it from moving / wiggling around. In addition to producing strange clunking, grinding, and squeaking sounds when they wear out, bad Kawasaki Teryx carrier bearings can also cause vibrations in the driveline. In some cases, your vehicle will still be operable with a failed Kawasaki Teryx carrier bearing – albeit with a good deal of shaking and shuddering due to movements in the drive shaft. If your center support bearing has loosened or become extensively worn down, your UTV will be rendered undrivable. Thankfully, places like Everything Kawasaki Offroad are here with aftermarket Kawasaki Teryx carrier bearings, stock-style Kawasaki Teryx carrier bearing replacements, and Kawasaki Teryx carrier bearing seals! 

With Kawasaki Teryx carrier bearing sizes that run the gamut as well as Kawasaki Teryx carrier bearing part numbers such as Av0607-2, there’s nothing you can’t source from Everything Kawasaki Offroad! Folks visit Everything Kawasaki Offroad because we make things simpler. Not only do we have the parts and components you’re looking for, but we also have the expertise to know which carrier bearings are designed for which machines. We offer Kawasaki Teryx carrier bearings for both stock-style and aftermarket drive shafts, so regardless of whether you’re needing a Kawasaki Teryx 750 carrier bearing or a Kawasaki Teryx KRX 1000 carrier bearing, chances are high that we have it at Everything Kawasaki Offroad!

Brand new replacement carrier bearings are one thing, but in many instances, a full-blown carrier bearing replacement isn’t what’s required. Instead, a Kawasaki Teryx carrier bearing rebuild kit will often suffice, and some of the most popular Kawasaki Teryx carrier bearing rebuild kits available are the ones by SuperATV. The bearings included in the SATV kit are self aligning, which ensures that your propeller shaft won’t become off balance or out of phase. Additionally, because the replacement bearing units within these carrier bearing rebuild kits are greasable, you can use your Kawasaki Teryx carrier bearing greaser tool to inject extra lubrication from time to time. By topping up the grease in your carrier bearing, you’re safeguarding it from the wear, abrasion, and corrosion that would otherwise occur due to water, dust, and mud! Why replace your carrier bearing every few years when you can protect it from the onset with fresh grease and proper seals?

Ordering a Kawasaki Teryx carrier bearing from Everything Kawasaki Offroad is a walk in the park. But installing a new carrier bearing in your vehicle will be a little trickier. A handy item to have on hand is a Kawasaki Teryx carrier bearing tool, as removing the old bearing and installing new Kawasaki Teryx carrier bearings without a press can be slightly difficult. Some riders opt to pull the drive shaft all the way out when replacing their carrier bearings, but there are other ways to go about it. And in some cases, what might first appear to be an issue with your Kawasaki Teryx carrier bearing is actually a loose or malfunctioning bevel gear or damaged output shaft. Wherever your problems are coming from, however, we can help you fix them at Everything Kawasaki Offroad!

To be perfectly honest, the factory Kawasaki Teryx carrier bearing is equivalent to the unsealed bearings used in skateboard wheels. They commonly fail, and if you get them fixed by your dealer under the factory warranty, your bike will not only be down for weeks or even months on end, but the dealer will also put the same crap bearing in there that didn’t hold up the first time. Avoiding this is easy though, and all it takes is an aftermarket Kawasaki Teryx carrier bearing from a place like Everything Kawasaki Offroad! So don’t be shy and give us a holler. We’re ready and waiting to sort out all your carrier bearing issues, be it with a brand new carrier bearing, carrier bearing seals, or a full-on carrier bearing rebuild kit!