A-Arms and A-Arm Guards

Be it an a-arm replacement for your four-door Kawasaki Teryx, or a set of a-arm guards for your Kawasaki Tyrex KRX, everything you need and more can be found at Everything Kawasaki Offroad. Need to fix an issue with the knuckle on your side-by-side's lower control arm? We've got Kawasaki Teryx replacement a-arm parts for just that. Of why not prevent the knuckle from breaking in the first place with some a-arm steering stops made from c-clip spacers that you put in the rack under the boot to limit steering travel? It doesn't matter if you Kawasaki Teryx a-arms have failed you, or if you want to protect the underside of your rig with some Kawasaki Teryx a-arm guards, the one place where you'll always find amazing deals on a-arm-related parts and accessories for the Kawasaki Teryx is at Everything Kawasaki Offroad! From a-arm bushing and bearing replacements to high-clearance a-arms for a taller ride height, you won't be disappointed with our Kawasaki Teryx a-arm offerings.

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If you’re the proud owner of a Kawasaki Teryx, you likely know your UTV is an off-road monster! Trails, sand, mud and snow all taken in stride by the more than capable Teryx. But you also likely know that when you constantly put your side-by-side through the toughest of terrain, sometimes that terrain can bite back! To make sure that your UTV continues tearing up the trails, you will want to look into upgrading your Kawasaki Teryx A-Arms with a lift kit, and adding Kawasaki Teryx A-Arm guards. Along with those essential modifications you’ll also be interested in upgrading the A-Arm Bushings to help with wear and ensure the correct fit on your machine. These upgrades can save you more headaches than you even care to think about, let alone experience. For new or experienced avid off-road enthusiasts, these modifications can quickly become essential, so let's dig in and talk about each one!

Why replace your Kawasaki Teryx A-Arms? Short answer: ground clearance. Updating your UTV with a kit like the Kawasaki Teryx High Clearance 1.5" Forward Offset Front A-Arms by SuperATV does wonders for your ride. Not only are you adding 1.5” of ground clearance, which helps you conquer the roughest and most uneven terrain, but also gives the UTV room for you to add bigger tires if you ever chose to. All of this adds up to an even more stable ride over rough roads and terrain, added durability to the build, an increase in ground clearance and room for bigger tires, all without having to actually add a lift kit to your Kawasaki Teryx! What more could you ask for, right? Upgrading your A-Arms is a sure-fire way to step up your off-road game and capabilities!

But what happens when the trails are still rough on your Kawasaki Teryx despite new A-Arms with a higher ride height? Thankfully for you there is another very simple and effective modification you can make to your UTV: Kawasaki Teryx A-Arm Guards. As you now know, the A-Arms on your side-by-side are one of the most important parts of the suspension, and also get put through the most stress and damage while you’re out having fun. A-Arm Guards do exactly what the name suggests: protect the A-Arms. Here at Everything Kawasaki Offroad, we carry many different options for guards such as the Kawasaki Teryx UHMW A-Arm Guard Kit by Factory UTV. Made from a super tough and friction free material, these guards will keep your A-Arms and CV Boots from the onslaught of debris on trails and off-road. Rocks, dirt, mud, tree branches and whatever else you may run into (or over) will bounce off of these guards, instead of hitting your all important A-Arms. These keep you rolling over the worst terrain for much longer than you could without them!

In addition to A-Arms and A-Arm Guards, there is another addition that goes hand in hand with upgrading and protecting your suspension: Kawasaki Teryx A-Arm Bushings. Whether you have replaced your A-Arms with an upgraded set like we mentioned earlier, or are still rocking the stock ones the Kawasaki Teryx comes with, replacing the bushings with an upgraded set can make all the difference. Brands such as the Kawasaki Teryx KRX 1000 Front Bushing Kit by S3 Power Sports are made out of a material that resists wear much better than the stock units do. Not to mention the material is self lubricating, which reduces or even negates the need for grease and prolongs the lifetime and performance.

So, it looks like it is safe to say you’ve got a few projects ahead of you, right? To take your Kawasaki Teryx from beast mode to monster trail hunter is thankfully simple. Upgrade your Kawasaki Teryx A-Arms to a kit that lifts and adds clearance. Install A-Arm guards to prevent damage from rough terrain, and replace the stock A-Arm bushings with a self lubricating set to ensure long life and minimal wear!

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