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Steering Wheels

Take control of your Kawasaki Ridge with our premium aftermarket steering wheels. Our steering wheels are available in various diameters, styles, and finishes to match the tactile feel and handling you want. They are designed for optimal comfort, grip, and functionality, but they let you put a personal touch on your machine's cockpit. Our wheels won't slip from your hands even when you're firing on all cylinders. With tactile grip, custom contours, and other nice touches along its well-textured rims, you can enjoy smoother, more responsive steering as you take your ridge out to explore the great outdoors. Shop now!

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What to Consider When Buying a Steering Wheel for Your Kawasaki Ridge

Material and Construction

Choose materials that balance durability, comfort, and aesthetic appeal for your steering wheel's build. Your steering wheel's frame should be sturdy and trim, with aluminum or carbon fiber for its impressive strength-to-weight profile. Pick covering options like leather or premium synthetic compounds due to their durability. The rigors of ridge riding tend to wear steering fabric, so go for options with reinforced stitching. 

Grip and Comfort

When you take the reins of your Kawasaki ridge on a particularly bumpy trail, you'll need all the grip and handling you can find. This is why it's crucial to get steering wheels that feature padded grips, textured surfaces, and contoured shapes to help with improved handling and comfort. This is even more important during long drives when hand fatigue can set in, hence the need to use comfortable materials. 

Size and Diameter

Ensure that your preferred steering wheel gets a size and diameter that suits your driving preferences and ergonomic needs. The wheel's diameter should allow for comfortable hand positioning and a full range of motion. And while at it, it should not obstruct visibility or access to your in-cabin controls. Generally, consider your hand size, driving style, and seating position when choosing the size of your steering wheel for your Kawasaki Ridge.

Style and Design

There's nothing wrong in adding a couple of bells and whistles to enhance the hard-as-nails look of your ridge. Consider customizing the look and feel of your Kawasaki Ridge's interior with a steering wheel that matches your interior style and preferences. Explore options with various finishes, colors, and designs to find the perfect complement to your ridge's in-cabin aesthetic. 

Compatibility and Fitment

For proper installation and functionality, verify that your preferred steering wheel is compatible and fits properly with your Kawasaki Ridge's specific model. Look for the mounting hub/points, horn button compatibility, alignment, and centering provisions. Ensure your choice can seamlessly slot into your Kawasaki Ridge's existing steering column and controls. This guarantees a hassle-free installation process and allows any future modifications to be easily done. 

Useful Features and Functionality

Choose options that allow you to customize for extra functionality. Consider wheels that will enable you to disconnect, adjust, or re-center for tilt and ease of maneuvering. Also, a few integrated buttons will be an excellent addition to the steering wheel.