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Spare Tire Mounts

Brace yourself for unexpected emergencies during your off-road adventures with our premium selection of high-quality spare tire mounts. Our spare tire mounts provide secure and convenient storage for your spare tire, ensuring you're always prepared for unforeseen flats or tire punctures while exploring the trails. They are built tough to withstand impact from bumps and bends while maintaining a stable and sturdy hold on your tire. We have everything from hitch-mounted options to on-roof and over-bed mounts, so you can pick a spot that works. Shop for our spare tire mounts and enjoy the ease and confidence of having a spare.

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What to Consider When Choosing Spare Tire Mounts for Kawasaki Ridge

Durability and Strength

The durability and strength of your preferred mount are crucial to securing your spare amidst all the bumps, vibrations, and impacts of off-road riding. Choose mounts built with heavy-duty materials like steel or aluminum for their impact resistance and robust build. In addition, go with mounts with corrosion-resistant coatings to guarantee strength and long-term usage. 

Ease of Installation

Choose mounts that allow a straightforward installation process, with bolt provisions, brackets, and clamps ready to use. Ensure your choice comes with all relevant mounting accessories and hardware, and you don't need any specialized tools or extra modification to set it up. Also, consider options that let you adjust their fits and customize their settings for when you need bigger tires and all. 

Accessibility and Convenience

You don't want to struggle to remove your spare in the woods. This is why you should choose mounts that allow you to access and remove the spare quickly at any time. These mounts feature convenient latch, bolting, or locking mechanisms that secure the tire in place while still allowing for easy access in emergencies. Whether your mount is sited over your ridge's cargo bed, on the roof, chassis, or cage, you should be able to take the spare off it with a few tools. 

Mounting Spot 

Choose a spot to site your mount, considering the usable cargo space and the spot's stability. Hitch-mounted options offer a stable, accessible, and secure fix at the rear while leaving out some usable space. You may secure the mount over your cargo bed without worrying about occupying space. Roof mounts bear down on the ridge, but they are firm. Choose the option that suits you and factor in your ridge's stability and cargo space while at it. 

Compatibility and Fitment

Before splashing the cash on a spare tire mount, verify if your preferred choice fits your Kawasaki Ridge's make and model. Choose mounts designed to hold your ridge's specific tires and consider your ridge's clearance requirements and possible mounting spots.