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Skid Plates

It takes only one rock hitting an exposed axle or underbody part to ruin your offroad trip. That’s why you need to install our Kawasaki Ridge skid plates crafted from high-strength materials. They provide unparalleled protection for your undercarriage. These custom-designed plates integrate with your Ridge, safeguarding against rocks, logs, and other off-road obstacles. Whether you're navigating rough trails filled with jagged rocks or cruising through open terrain, our skid plates offer peace of mind and allow you to explore confidently. These skid plates have all the necessary hardware and instructions for a hassle-free upgrade. Invest in the ultimate defense for your Kawasaki Ridge and conquer any trail!

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Factors To Consider When Shopping For Kawasaki Ridge Skid Plates

Here are some key factors to consider when shopping for skid plates for your Kawasaki Ridge

Construction Material & Coverage

Skid plates come in various materials, each offering different levels of protection. High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is a popular choice for its balance of affordability and impact resistance. Aluminum offers superior strength and rigidity, ideal for tackling tougher terrains, while steel provides the ultimate defense but may add significant weight. Consider your riding style and the level of protection you need. Full skid plates safeguard the undercarriage, while partial skid plates might focus on vital components like the engine and differential. Choose a skid plate with enough coverage that aligns with your riding style and the potential hazards you encounter.

Fit and Installation

Ensure the skid plates are specifically designed for your Kawasaki Ridge model year. A perfect fit guarantees seamless integration and optimal protection. Look for skid plates with clear instructions and all the mounting hardware for a smooth installation process. Consider your DIY skills and opt for user-friendly options if you prefer a self-installation project.

Weight & Drainage Feature

Remember, skid plates add weight to your vehicle, affecting handling and performance. Choose a material and design that balances protection and weight efficiency. Opt for skid plates with drainage holes to prevent water and debris accumulation that could lead to rust or corrosion.

Brand & Clearance

Choose skid plates from reputable manufacturers that use high-quality materials and employ meticulous design in their manufacturing processes. Additionally, some skid plates may reduce ground clearance; therefore, you should factor that when you pick a skid plate.

Type of Skid Plate

Consider the type of skid plate you need.

Full Skid Plates: Full skid plates offer the most comprehensive protection as they encompass the entire undercarriage of your Ridge. They safeguard the engine, differential, transmission, and other vital components from rocks, logs, and other hazards. While heavier than other options, full skid plates provide unparalleled peace of mind for aggressive riding.

Partial Skid Plates: These skid plates target specific areas prone to damage, such as the engine and differential. They offer a balance between protection and weight, making them suitable for riders who prioritize some protection without sacrificing performance.

A-Arm Guards: The A-Arm guards are primarily designed to shield the A-arms from impacts; these skid plates are often paired with other skid plate options for more comprehensive coverage. They prevent A-arm bending or damage from rocks and debris.