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Front Drive Line / Suspension

Equip your Kawasaki Ridge with our top-tier front driveline and suspension components to maintain resilience and durability through the rigors of intense off-road excursions. Our options come packed with top-quality components that benefit from superior construction and intelligent design which make them suitable for use. They offer impressive strength, flexibility, and conditioning to tackle terrains that wear out stock components. And then they'll give you the leverage to shake things up to suit your riding style and conditions. Explore our reliable, heavy-duty, and adjustable front driveline suspension parts and enjoy improved handling, clearance, and riding comfort.

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Buying Guide Front Drive Lines/Suspension 

Material and Durability

The build materials used to make your drive line and suspension are crucial to their durability and functionality. This is why choosing options made from high-quality materials such as chromoly steel and forged aluminum in their material makeup is best. Powder coating also helps to endow these components with tough, specialized finishes that help to seal off their surfaces. 

Riding Style and Conditions

The type of terrain you ply frequently will also affect the choice of drive line components. You may need heavy-duty components if you frequently take on aggressive off-road trails. In such cases, your drive line components, like the drive shaft and CV joints, will need superior strength. If bumpy, uneven terrain is your stomping ground, you'll need suspensions with high-performance shocks and heavy-duty control that also offer increased ground clearance. 

Suspension Tuning

Before shopping, update yourself on your Ridge's suspension system and the available adjustment settings. Choose suspensions that have provision for adjustments to provide improved traction and impact absorption over rough and rocky trails.

Quality Components

The drive line and suspension assembly house several key components, so you'll have to look out for these components while making your pick. Check for the state of the front propeller shaft housing yokes, the universal joints, and the front CV axle drive shaft assemblies, as they are vital to the power transmission process that your Ridge's wheels rely on. Also, check out the condition of the spring, shock absorbers, and other adjoining components that may come with the suspension. You're good to go if you can guarantee that they are in top shape. 


While exploring options, look for drive line and suspension components designed for your Kawasaki Ridge's year and model. Use product guides and repair manuals to determine if these options were designed for your Ridge. This is so you can avoid issues with installation and performance. If you have plans for future modifications, choose suspension parts that will allow you to remove components for replacement.