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Front Differential

Give your Kawasaki Ridge a big boost with our range of heavy-duty front differentials. These differentials send power evenly to both front wheels for a high-powered and enduring performance on the most rugged trails. They offer unmatched traction over loose surfaces, while their durable construction and staying power make them stand out. Whether you're tackling uneven trails, running through water crossings, or mudslides, our front differentials have all it takes to take in the pressure and shut out the sludge. Explore our durable, easy-to-install, use, and maintain Kawasaki Ridge front differentials today and gear up for even more memorable off-road adventures.

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Buying Guide Kawasaki Ridge Front Differential

Differential Type

To upgrade the front differential of your Kawasaki Ridge, consider the type of differential best suited for your driving needs. The options mostly go from open differentials, which distribute power evenly to both wheels, to limited-slip differentials, which provide improved traction by transferring power to the wheel with the most grip. Your choice of differential should factor in your driving preferences and terrain conditions. This is crucial if you want to get enhanced traction and control.

Maintenance Requirements

The front differential of your Ridge needs to be occasionally serviced to ensure its performance and longevity. This is why you'll need your front differentials to have a design that ensures it’s easy maintenance. These differential types have their serviceable parts within reach. Their fluid levels can be easily accessed for scheduled replacements, and their seals and gaskets must provide leak-free operation. In essence, choose front differentials that provide regular maintenance in their construction to guarantee their longevity. 

Gear Ratio

The gear ratio of the front differential is crucial to the torque buildup between the engine and the wheels. This will, in turn, affect the top speed and acceleration your Ridge can produce. Use differentials with higher-gear ratios if you need to gear up for low-speed crawling and frequent maneuvers. Lower gear ratios perform better in fuel efficiency and reaching higher top speeds. When selecting a gear ratio for your Kawasaki Ridge's front differential, the trick is to factor in your intended off-road usage and driving preferences.


While shopping for front differentials, look out for provisions that help to shield sensitive parts from dirt and mud. Choose options with O-ring seals and chamfered oil passages to protect delicate gear teeth during water crossings and hard riding. Also, look for front differentials that have polymer retainers that protect the differential parts from mechanical wear caused by sustained usage over harsh conditions.