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Rack and Pinions

Take your Kawasaki Ridge's steering performance to new heights with our unbeatable selection of premium racks and pinions. Whether you wish to enhance responsiveness on tight trails or improve handling at high speeds, our durable and high-quality rack and pinion upgrades are equal to the task. With carefully designed gear teeth that provide smooth, bind-free handling, you can brave the most tricky trails and ride with increased confidence. Keep worn-out racks and pinions from holding you back on the trails. Shop our racks and pinions now!

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What to Consider When Buying Rack and Pinions for Your Kawasaki Ridge

Construction Quality

Strength, precision, and longevity are essential qualities for racks and pinions, and they all depend on the type of materials used in their construction. Go for units constructed from steel or aluminum with powder coating, as they perfectly balance durability with their lightweight profile. Precision CNC machined components also ensure accurate tolerances between gear teeth for smooth, slop-free motion - you should check them out, too. 

Steering Precision and Responsiveness

The rack and pinions you plan to buy must be able to provide smooth, precise steering control. These qualities allow you to confidently navigate tight trails, rocky terrain, and off-camber obstacles. Go for options with low backlash, minimal play, and high gear ratios, as these give you the freedom to carry out the most daring maneuvers on the trails. 

Tooth Profile

The shape and fit of the gear teeth affect the feel and performance of your Ridge's steering. This is why going for racks and pinions with a functional tooth profile is crucial. To avoid quick wearing off of the rack's tooth profile, go for options that use low-friction polymer composite for their construction. Other than reducing wear, they also provide crisp feedback on the trails. For smoother turning while riding, go for options with an inverted tooth profile, as their increased contact area makes for better steering wheel action. 

Compatibility and Fitment

Ensure you verify that your preferred options are compatible with your specific model and year of Kawasaki Ridge. This is the only way to ensure proper installation and functionality. Factors like the mounting points, clearance demands, and steering column alignment may differ across Ridge models. It would be best to double-check that your Ridge's specifications match them.

Steering Feedback and Feel

Assess the steering feedback and feel provided by the different rack and pinion upgrades to find the one that suits you. Go with options that balance precision and feedback as they offer the best handling experience. These options provide a direct steering feel without making any concessions in comfort or control. You can also choose customized options to fine-tune your steering response in sync with your driving style and terrain conditions.