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Pet Accessory

Take your beloved pet with you on your next outing on the trails using our range of durable, safe, and comfortable pet accessories. Our pet accessories have many safety provisions, comfy and secure fits, and rugged design features that keep your pets safe and secure in your Kawasaki Ridge. Whether you need a ramp to help them up your Ridge, a comfortable carrier to tuck them in, and a durable harness and restraint to secure them, our pet accessories are equal to the task, providing quality, strength, and reliability. Say goodbye to makeshift setups that put your pet in danger and explore our accessories for a smooth and stress-free ride with your pets every time.

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What to Consider When Selecting Pet Accessories for Kawasaki Ridge

Safety And Stability

Be intentional about your pet's safety and comfort when selecting accessories for them. Look for pet harnesses, seat belts, or pet carriers designed to secure your pet during travel and minimize the risk of injury during sudden stops or rough terrain. Choose accessories made from durable, comfortable materials that provide ample support and ventilation for your pet's well-being.

Comfort And Convenience

Your furry friends get the itch and start acting funny when uncomfortable. This is why you must try to make the ride as comfortable as it can be for them. Provide pet ramps to help them quickly climb up to and descend from your Ridge. And when they settle in, use accessories with padded interiors made of soft, breathable material so your pet can relax. 

Cleaning and Maintenance

Choosing pet accessories that are easy to clean and maintain is important. Look for removable, washable covers or liners that allow you to clean up quickly and easily after each outing. Materials like dirt, mud, and moisture from outdoors may creep into your Ridge and litter your pet's space. Do all you can to keep everywhere clean.

Weather Protection

Off-road adventures can expose your pet to various weather conditions, so it's essential to ensure they are adequately protected. Consider accessories such as pet canopy tops, pet tents, or pet jackets designed to shield your pet from sun, rain, wind, and other elements encountered outdoors. Look for waterproof materials that provide reliable protection without compromising your pet's ability to breathe or move freely.


Rugged trails can take their toll on pet gear, so ensure you only choose accessories that prioritize durability in their design and construction. Accessories made from steel frames and metal buckles maintain integrity for the occasional accidental fall from the Ridge, even after continued usage. Likewise, premium tearproof and wear-resistant fabrics will be great for easily agitated pets. At the same time, reinforced seams prevent them from breaking out of their enclosures.