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Overlanding & Camping

Take your Kawasaki Ridge on an unforgettable camping excursion equipped with our impressive collection of Overlanding and camping kits/accessories. Pack as many outdoor cooking utensils as you need, and throw in a couple of foldable chairs and tables to set up eating stands when you need to whip up a meal or two. Pack your sleeping bags and foldable tents to draw the curtains on an eventful day. And when night falls, you can dig out your lanterns, rechargeable lighting equipment, and spotlights to light up the trails. The good news is that we have all these and even more for your Kawasaki Ridge. Shop now!

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Buying Guide: Kawasaki Ridge Overlanding & Camping

Tents and Sleeping Arrangements

Ensure a comfortable and peaceful night's rest after an eventful day with tents and sleeping arrangements tailored for your Kawasaki Ridge. Choose rooftop tents, ground tents, or hammock setups that offer easy setup, weather resistance, and ample space for you and your fellow travelers. Consider foldable kits you can tuck safely away during the day and retract at night when you settle down. 

Storage Solutions

Your storage capacity should be taken care of if you want to have a pleasurable camping experience. Look out for flexible storage provisions, heavy-duty rear racks, and storage boxes that mount securely to your Ridge without taking up all the available space. You can maximize your storage capacity and gear organization with foldable roof racks and cargo carriers designed for the Ridge.

Camp Kitchen and Cooking Gear

Treat yourself to a fine outdoor dining experience with a camp kitchen and cooking gear for on-the-go meal preparation. Look for compact, lightweight, and durable portable stoves, grills, cookware sets, and food storage solutions. Opt for options with integrated fuel systems, quick ignition, and easy cleanup features to ensure hassle-free cooking and cleanup while on the trails.

Off-Road Lighting and Navigation

How do you cope daily under the cover of darkness during your camping adventure on off-grid trails? The answer is sustainable energy, and solar is near or near the top of the list. To enhance visibility and safety during off-road excursions, use high-quality lighting solutions that keep the lights on for hours. Invest in LED light bars, auxiliary lights, and spotlights that are long-lasting and rechargeable via well-designed solar panels. Lastly, consider options with built-in inverters, USB ports, and AC outlets for versatile charging and powering capabilities.

Safety and Emergency Equipment

Prioritize safety and preparedness during overland adventures by equipping your Kawasaki Ridge with essential safety and emergency equipment. Pack first aid kits, fire extinguishers, recovery gear, and emergency communication devices to handle unexpected situations and emergencies while on the trail. Consider additional safety measures such as tire repair kits, air compressors, and emergency shelters for added peace of mind.