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GPS & Navigation

Navigate the wilderness confidently with our top-of-the-line Kawasaki Ridge GPS & navigation solutions. Conquer uncharted paths with rugged, high-performance GPS units built to endure the harshest terrains. Secure mounts keep your GPS units within reach, while intuitive tracking features let you record rides, share adventures, and analyze performance. Navigate with pre-loaded trails, topographical maps, and turn-by-turn guidance. With these GPS and Navigation solutions, you'll never get lost again, especially when you use the emergency features installed. Go beyond with additional accessories like charging cables and carrying cases. What are you waiting for? Explore our collection now!

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What To Consider When Shopping For Kawasaki Ridge GPS & Navigation Accessories

By considering these key factors, you'll find the ideal GPS and navigation solution to conquer any trail confidently.

Durability & Mounting Location

Your GPS needs to be as tough as your Ridge. Opt for units with robust construction, waterproof ratings, and vibration resistance to handle bumps, splashes, and other elements. Remember, this trusty companion will guide you through dust, dirt, and everything in between, so choosing one that will live up to expectations is essential.Where you mount your GPS significantly impacts usability and safety. Consider windshield or dash mounts for prominent visibility and glances, or pod mounts for a sleek, integrated look. Ensure the mount securely grips it and offers easy access while maintaining riding stability.

Charting Your Course

Choose a GPS with pre-loaded off-road maps or the ability to download them for specific regions. Look for features like topographic maps, trail markers, and points of interest to guide you on unbeaten paths. Remember, the more detailed the maps, the more freedom you have to roam.

Connectivity & Tracking

Stay connected and informed. Some GPS units offer Bluetooth connectivity for pairing with smartphones, allowing you to make calls, receive messages, and even stream music on the go. Consider built-in tracking features to record your rides, share your adventures with fellow riders, and retrace your steps if needed.

Power Up for the Journey

Don't get stranded with a dead battery! Choose a GPS with a long battery life, or consider options with external battery packs for extended adventures. Remember to look for mounts offering integrated charging capabilities to keep your device up throughout your expedition.

Additional Features

Consider the little extras that can make a big difference. Features like turn-by-turn navigation, compass functionality, and weather alerts can enhance your riding experience and safety. If you love sharing your adventures, don't forget about built-in cameras or action camera compatibility.