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Fuel Packs and Mounts

Ride harder for longer on the trails with extra fuel supplies from these Kawasaki Ridge fuel packs and mounts. Our reliable and durable fuel packs can carry all the fuel you need to power your machines and take your time during your off-roading adventures. They'll slot seamlessly and securely in our equally high-quality mounts and give you all the confidence to step up the gas and explore even further. With sufficient capacity to supply your chainsaws and generators and a secure fit unmoved by high-octane driving, our fuel packs and mounts are just what you need to enjoy a field day at the trails. Order now!

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What To Consider When Buying Fuel Pack and Mount For Kawasaki Ridge

Here are some essential tips to remember.


Select fuel packs with adequate capacity to meet your off-road fueling needs and desired range. Weekend riders will typically need less volume than regular daily riders. Consider factors such as the fuel consumption rate of your Ridge model, planned route length, and the availability of refueling stations to determine the appropriate pack size. Look for packs available in a range of capacities to accommodate varying requirements.

Durability and Construction

Go for fuel packs and mounts built with high-quality materials and designed to withstand the rigors of off-road terrain. Look for options made from billet Aluminum, stainless steel, or durable plastics, including high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE). These materials offer excellent resistance to impacts, abrasion, and UV exposure. Also, ensure mounts are robust and can securely attach the fuel pack to your Ridge to reduce the risk of detachment or damage during rough rides.

Mounting Options

Explore available mounting options and positions to find the best fit for your Ridge and your needs. Go for options like rear cargo racks, bed mounts, or roof mounts that can secure your fuel pack in position during bumpy rides. Choose mounts that can be easily installed and firmly attached to your Ridge's frame or roof. 

Accessibility and Convenience

Choose fuel packs that provide enhanced accessibility and convenience during refueling stops. Look for packs with integrated or pour spouts for easy fuel dispensing without additional funnels or accessories. Also, consider packs with a quick-release mechanism or tool-free mounting for ease of use. 

Safety And Compliance

Don't entertain the risk of explosion with unsafe storage and dispensing. Choose fuel packs that employ safety provisions during storage and active use. Prioritize packs with breather valves to prevent pressure buildup. Also, only use EPA and CARB-approved fuel containers to avoid compliance issues with the authorities.