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Floor and Bed Mats

Conquer any terrain without destroying your Kawasaki Ridge's pristine interior. Our custom-molded floor mats provide an impenetrable defense against mud, dirt, and debris, shielding your ride from the elements. Crafted from robust, all-weather materials, they easily shrug off wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting protection. Forget messy cleanups – their non-slip surfaces trap spills and dirt, while the easy-to-clean design lets you restore their shine in a flash. Experience a perfect fit that contours to your Ridge's floor, preventing unwanted shifting and maximizing coverage. Unleash your adventurous spirit knowing your Kawasaki Ridge is ready for anything while maintaining the showroom-new feel you crave. Shop now!


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Factors To Consider When Shopping For Kawasaki Ridge Floor Mats

Consider these factors below.

Does It Fit The Floors?

This might seem obvious, but an ill-fitting floor mat is worse than none. Opt floor mats specifically designed for your Kawasaki Ridge model and year. This ensures precise contours that hug the floor, preventing unwanted shifting and maximizing coverage, leaving no room for unwelcome messes to sneak through.

Construction Materials

Durability is paramount when battling the elements; therefore, it's essential to consider the material the floor mats are made from. We've listed a few below:

Heavy-Duty Rubber: The undisputed champion of durability, these thick mats shrug off mud, water, and debris with ease. It’s ideal for those who tackle the most challenging terrains, and they often boast deep channels and raised edges for maximum dirt containment. Expect a heavier feel and potential cleaning challenges.

All-Weather Thermoplastic (TPE): TPEs balance durability and ease of cleaning as the mats are lightweight, flexible, and resistant to fading, cracking, and extreme temperatures. They often feature a textured surface for traction and easy dirt removal.

Vinyl/Nylon: Lighter and more budget-friendly, these mats provide essential protection from dust and light spills. However, they might wear faster in harsher conditions and require more frequent cleaning. It is ideal for occasional off-road excursions or dry environments.


Think about the environments you frequent. If you regularly encounter mud, rain, or snow, prioritize all-weather mats with deep channels or grooves to trap moisture and debris. Look for mats with raised edges for additional spill containment. Less aggressive mats might suffice if your adventures typically involve dust and dry conditions.

Ease of Cleaning

Ease of cleaning is crucial for maintaining a pristine interior. Opt for mats with a non-stick surface, allowing easy removal of dirt and debris. Look for features like ridges or textures that help trap dirt, and consider mats with a quick-release design for efficient removal and washing.

Style & Price

While protection is paramount, don't underestimate the power of a touch of style. Many floor mats come in various colors or with logos and patterns, allowing you to personalize your Ridge's interior and express your off-road spirit. Determine your budget and compare options within that range. Quality materials and a perfect fit often come at a premium but offer long-term value and protection.