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Fender Flares and Protection

Unleash the untamed spirit of your Kawasaki Ridge with our rugged lineup of Kawasaki Ridge fender flares and protection kits. Conquer any terrain confidently, knowing your ride is shielded from the elements and ready for adventure. Our fender flares deflect mud, rocks, and debris, keeping your paint pristine and your ride looking sharp. Choose from various styles and colors to match your Ridge's personality. Whether you're carving dusty trails or dominating dunes, our Fender flares and protection kits empower you to explore further, ride harder, and conquer confidently. So, gear up your Ridge right away!

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Factors To Consider

Here are vital factors to guide your selection:

Type of Fender Flare

Standard Flares: These basic flares extend beyond your tires, offering essential protection from mud, rocks, and debris. It is ideal for casual riders and dusty trails.

Pocket Flares: Pocket flares are similar to standard flares, but with an additional "pocket" that offers more coverage and a bolder look. They’re perfect for moderate off-roading and those seeking a more aggressive style.

Wide Flares: Wide flares are designed for serious off-road enthusiasts, these flares offer maximum coverage and ground clearance. They are ideal for tackling challenging terrain and installation on rides with larger tires.

Coverage and Protection Level

Opt for flares that extend beyond your tires, offering ample coverage for mud, rocks, and debris flung by your Ridge's aggressive treads. Consider wider flares for enhanced protection, especially if you've upgraded to larger tires. 

Material and Durability

The quality of the material used for constructing the fender flares and protection kits is important. Choose UV-resistant, high-impact plastic like ABS or polyurethane for long-lasting protection and flexibility. Consider flares with added reinforcement for extra strength.

Fit and Installation

Ensure the flares are designed for your Kawasaki Ridge model year to guarantee a precise fit. Check if the installation process requires drilling or modifications, and choose a kit based on your comfort level and factor in professional installation costs where necessary. Look for bolt-on or rivet-on styles for a sturdy attachment, especially if tackling challenging terrain. Ensure your preferred fender flares are compatible with your current tire size and any future upgrades you plan.

Style and Aesthetics

Flares come in various styles, from sleek and low-profile to aggressive and wide. Choose a style that complements your Ridge's aesthetics and your personal preference. Black powder-coated steel adds a rugged touch, while polished aluminum offers a sleeker aesthetic.

Brand and Budget

Research reputable brands that are known for quality and off-road performance. Compare prices and features to find the best value for your budget. Remember, quality protection is an investment in your Ridge's longevity and enjoyment.