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Gear up for your next outing on the trails with these premium Kawasaki Ridge coolers engineered for maximum ice retention. These coolers have designs incorporating a rigid wall of solid polyurethane foam under a durable outer shell to create a sturdy, airtight build for the trails. Whether it is the sweltering temperatures of dusty, scorching deserts or the bumpy terrains of rough, punishing trails, our coolers come out unscathed while keeping your items as cool as you'd like. They come in different sizes, fitted with locks, latches, seals, and handles in all the right places. So you can roll them along the trails, have your fill of chilled refreshments, and haul them back in the Ridge where they fit snugly until the next field day. Grab these coolers before they're sold out!

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What to Consider When Buying Coolers

Ice Retention Time

The length of your off-road adventures will largely determine your insulation needs. Switch to coolers capable of multi-day ice retention for those long hauls between resupply points. Coolers with double-walled insulation from Polystyrene or Polyurethane will always trump other coolers with their ice retention times. At the same time, tight seals and reflective surfaces are nice touches to help improve ice retention times.

Securing and Stabilization

Coolers should remain secured on the trails, firm enough to hold out well against high winds and uneven, abrasive grounds. To this end, go for coolers with solid mounting platforms and tie-down straps to secure position. Ensure the coolers you're purchasing have non-slip rubber feet on solid bases with built-in lash points or custom cooler cages for those long hauls. 

Exterior Protection And Durability

The impact from occasional drops can dent regular coolers and cause wear and tear. To avoid this, go for coolers with resilient and sturdy outer shells. Choose models made from tough and impact-resistant materials. This will help resist dents, abrasion, and impacts that can compromise insulation performance and even deface the cooler. Coolers with reinforced corner protectors prevent cracks from drops or impacts. 

Capacity and Storage Options

Consider your storage needs and your UTV/Ridge's size when selecting a cooler. Go for a cooler with ample capacity to accommodate your beverages, snacks, and ice while fitting comfortably in your Kawasaki Ridge. Look for models with convenient storage features like built-in cup holders, accessory compartments, sliding trays, and external attachment points. Look for models with built-in bottle openers, integrated cutting boards, and drainage plugs. They'll help add much-needed depth, versatility, and organization for all your storage needs.

Portability and Transportability

Prioritize coolers that can be easily transported and carried on and off your Ridge. Models with durable handles, ergonomic grips, and lightweight construction will fit the bill nicely. Ensure they have adjustable carrying straps, wheeled bases, or slides that enable easy transport over bumpy terrains.