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Cleaning Supplies

Your Kawasaki Ridge deserves to get that sparkling look befitting of its status. A clean ride will always stand out, and keeping it clean prevents dirt from destroying its body and interior. This is why our selection of premium cleaning supplies for Kawasaki Ridge is the top choice for many off-road enthusiasts. Our products are specially designed to tackle the toughest dirt and grime, ensuring your Ridge stays pristine inside and out. We have everything from powerful degreasers to gentle yet effective interior cleaners and much more. With these cleaning supplies, you can keep your Ridge clean and tidy after another eventful day at the trail. Shop now!


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What to Consider When Buying Cleaning Supplies for Kawasaki Ridge

What Type Of Cleaning Supplies Do You Need?

Your Ridge's cleaning needs will vary depending on the terrain you drive on and the type of dirt that sticks to its surfaces. If you frequently run across muddy trails, products with mud repellers and surface release additives are highly recommended for ejecting the mud. And if you're dealing with dirt stains from river crossings, those can be treated with mild cleaners. If you fancy a little detailing, all-purpose cleaners are good options. To finish it with a shine, try cleaning products that give off a glossy look.

Surface Compatibility

Ensure that the cleaning products you choose are compatible with the various surfaces in your Kawasaki Ridge. Plastic components in your Ridge may not fare well when they come in contact with harsh chemicals from certain cleaning agents. This can cause damage or discoloration. So, when shopping for cleaning supplies, pick out separate cleaners for metallic and plastic parts. Also, you should always apply the cleaning product to a small portion of the area you want to clean to see if it causes damage or discolorations.

Consider Dirt and Grime Removal

Off-road adventures can cover your Ridge with tough dirt, mud, and debris. Look for cleaning supplies formulated to effectively remove these stubborn contaminants without damaging your vehicle's finish. Start with a pressure washer to pave the way for the cleaning agents. Use a mud scraper and a brush to remove the residual mud before deep-cleaning muddy surfaces with the right products. 

Look out for products that offer protection and maintenance benefits for your Kawasaki Ridge. Find options that provide UV protection for exterior surfaces, such as UV protectants, blockers, or absorbers, to keep your Ridge looking slick.

Remember Interior Cleaning

Remember the interior of your Kawasaki Ridge! Choose interior cleaning products that are safe for use on fabrics, upholstery, and plastics. Use products you can spray and clean with a microfibre cloth/towel. You can gently lather your Ridge's interior with detergent and water if necessary.

Brand Reputation

Select cleaning supplies from reputable brands known for their quality and reliability. Reading customer reviews and testimonials can help you gauge the effectiveness and performance of different products.