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Carrier Bearings

Your Kawasaki Ridge thrives on adventure, but demanding trails can take their toll on crucial components like carrier bearings. These unsung heroes ensure smooth power transfer and prevent drivetrain vibrations, safeguarding performance and rider comfort. Stock bearings can wear out prematurely under heavy loads or challenging terrain. Opting for premium carrier bearings like the ones we have on sale below, built with robust materials, offers significant improvements. These improvements, such as smoother operation, reduced noise, and less premature wear, let you confidently push your Ridge further. We have something for you, whether you require axle carrier bearings for flawless power transfer between wheels or driveshaft carrier bearings for a rock-solid drivetrain connection. Shop now!


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What to Consider When Buying Carrier Bearings for Kawasaki Ridge

Material Quality

Look for carrier bearings from high-quality materials such as forged steel or durable alloys. These materials are often superior in strength to the weight of heavy loads, making them resistant to wear and tear. You may need to sacrifice the heat dissipation and lightweight quality of aluminum bearings for the strength and durability of steel bearings. Whichever option you settle for, ensure it is just what your ridge needs. 

Compatibility & Maintenance

The carrier bearing on your Kawasaki Ridge may vary with the trim. This is why you must be sure of the specific fit your Ridge needs before you purchase one. When you get the right fit, it will help cut back on time wasted during installation, and it'll set up your Ridge nicely for any future upgrades and maintenance. Regarding maintenance,you should go for the options that allow you to carry out routine maintenance conveniently. Some bearings require regular greasing to ensure smooth operation and prevent premature wear. In contrast, others may come pre-lubricated for convenience. Choose the one that works for you. 

Design and Advanced Construction

When shopping for carrier bearings, look for ones with a self-aligning feature and a locking collar included in the kit. This is essential for keeping your shaft assembly in one piece and is one way to reduce the occurrence of vibrations and noise coming from the bearing. You should also check out bearings with two-piece designs, as they allow for easy installation.

Load Capacity

The Kawasaki Ridge has its fair share of weight, so you'll need carrier bearings with adequate load capacity to handle the demands. If you're unsure of the load capacity, get the bearings with higher load ratings. This allows them to carry heavy loads safely and easily in rough terrain. You can go for carrier bearings cast with 6061 billet aluminum, which offers an impressive strength-to-weight ratio.