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Cargo Racks

Expand the cargo-carrying capacity of your Kawasaki Ridge with our rugged cargo racks explicitly designed to mount onto your Kawasaki Ridge Limited, Ranch, and HVAC editions. Our heavy-duty cargo racks allow you to safely log extra gear while traversing different terrains. These racks are custom-fabricated to fit seamlessly on your Ridge without sacrificing ride quality and stability. With them, you'll enjoy ample, secure storage for tools, fuel, and camping supplies to support your exciting off-road adventures. Upgrade your Kawasaki Ridge with adventure-ready cargo racks at our shop today!


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What To Consider When Buying Kawasaki Ridge Cargo Racks

Cargo Volume Needed

The Kawasaki Ridge's built-in storage may not always be enough to carry all of your supplies for a field day at the trails, and this is where cargo racks come in. These cargo racks will instantly boost your gear-hauling utility when installed on your Kawasaki Ridge UTV. But first, you have to determine how much extra capacity you need. Smaller racks are great for essential recovery tools, while large oversized racks allow you to move bulkier items. Choose the cargo racks that will support the cargo volume you frequently carry.

Mounting Options

Our cargo racks come in various mounting configurations to suit your preferences and Ridge model and specifications. We have everything from the hitch/rear and bed-mounted options to bracket baskets and roof racks that can latch on securely to the roof of your Ridge. 

Rack Placement 

The positioning of your rack affects weight distribution and clearance around your Ridge. In addition, your riding style may determine where to mount your cargo rack. While rear-mounted racks concentrate weight over the rear wheels, which aids traction, they may not hold out well during rough riding and can impact handling. Roof racks can affect the stability of your Kawasaki Ridge and cause rollovers during aggressive riding if they're overloaded.

Construction Quality and Durability

The most punishing trails demand robust cargo racks to secure your precious cargo. You may go for tubular steel racks with multiple fixed tie-down points over cheaper designs prone to rapid damage, causing loose or lost cargo. Look out for racks made from steel and aluminum for a strong and reliable carriage. 

Ease of Installation 

If you like racks with do-it-yourself installation, look for cargo racks that can latch onto your Ridge with the help of brackets, bolts, and clamps. If you are looking for no-drill installation options, go for saddle clamps and welded brackets that allow you to mount strong rack mounts without drilling holes into your Ridge's bodywork. Bolt-on clamps speed up installations and enable you to adjust positions across your Ridge to find the perfect place.

Accessory Options

The best racks boast flexible setups that allow you to add or remove extra storage space. They have provisions for adding extenders, rails, and other fittings that add additional room and accessories.