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Ball Joints

Stock ball joints allow your wheels to steer and pivot reasonably well, but rugged riding demands more robust and durable options. However, upgrading ball joints makes for smoother control and handling on your Ridge. Our high-quality aftermarket ball joints are designed for your Kawasaki Ridge to help you firmly steer their wheels over uneven ground. With a robust build that will survive the most punishing terrain and a fit that slots in seamlessly with your Ridge, these ball joints are the real deal – and you should check them out! Shop now!

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Buying Guide Kawasaki Ridge Ball Joints

Consider Your Riding Style

Your riding style and needs will be crucial in determining the ball joint type you should go for. Ball joints with strength are the obvious choice for regular high-speed desert runners over flexibility-enhanced options. If you need to regularly run over rocky terrain, you're better off getting a heavy-duty ball joint. Also, if you push your Ridge to the limits of its endurance, you should go for a performance ball joint. Your riding style will also affect material quality, strength, and serviceability considerations. 

Check Strength and Durability

Ball joints typically endure harsh impacts in rough riding conditions and may experience wear and tear over sustained impact. Your ball joints should have sufficient strength to perform optimally for their serviceable lifespan. Ball joint builds with Chromoly steel and other hardened steel options offer incredible durability, although they may be heavier. Forged Aluminium alloy designs are also reliable and lighter. In every case, consider your ball joint's build components and ensure the warranty is intact. 

Fit and Compatibility

The Kawasaki Ridge comes in different makes and models, so finding the right fit for your UTV is essential. Our ball joints come in different shapes, sizes, and types and are designed to fit most Kawasaki Ridge models.

Enhanced Steering Control

Upgraded ball joints control alignment better during hits and hard turns. Our ball joints benefit from a high-quality construction process that calls on precision CNC manufacturing, among other things. They help ease driving over difficult roadway conditions and give you a consistent steering feel much better than stock options. 

They Must Have Tough Seals  

Dust and grit harm your ball joints; a well-sealed ball joint can make a big difference. Many people like sealed ball joints because they are lubricated to last a lifetime of regular use. Similarly, greasable ball joints last longer with frequent maintenance but risk failing if you don't regularly service them. Whichever option you go for, you'll be getting the best of them. 

Ease of Installation 

Your ball joint will need some work at some point, so getting a ball joint assembly with easily serviceable parts is important. It should be quick and easy to dismantle and replace.