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Air Intake

Unleash the full potential of your Kawasaki Ridge with our performance-driven air intakes. Say goodbye to sluggish power and hello to a responsive, invigorated engine. These intakes channel cool, clean air into the engine, maximizing efficiency and boosting horsepower. Conquer challenging terrains confidently, knowing your engine is shielded from harmful dust, mud, and water. These top-of-the-line air intakes are crafted from premium materials for durability and easy installation. Our air intakes are the perfect upgrade for any Ridge rider seeking peak engine performance. Experience the thrill when you order yours today!

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What to look for when buying a Kawasaki Ridge Air Intake

Here's a breakdown of critical factors to consider for a perfect fit.

Snorkel Vs. Cold Vs. Closed Box Intakes

Snorkel Intakes are Ideal for tackling deep water crossings and mud bogs as they relocate the air intake to a higher position, preventing water and debris from entering the engine. They offer excellent protection but may affect handling and require specific modifications. 

On the other hand, a cold air intake channels cool air from outside the engine compartment, resulting in denser air intake for improved combustion and potential power gains. Installation can be involved, and some cold air intakes may require remapping the engine for optimal performance.

Closed-box intakes, on their part, are designed for maximum protection in dusty environments. These intakes enclose the filter in a sealed box, preventing dust and small debris from reaching the engine. They might restrict airflow slightly compared to open intakes but offer superior protection for off-road adventures.

Performance Boost

If you're craving more power and quicker response, you should look for intakes designed for increased airflow. High-flow filters and wider openings ensure your engine breathes easily, translating to more exhilarating rides. Also, consider your riding style and terrain. If you mostly cruise on paved roads, a basic intake might suffice. But for tackling challenging off-road adventures, prioritize high-performance and protection features.

Protection Prowess

Conquering challenging terrains means facing dust, mud, and water. Choose an intake with robust filtration and protection against these elements. Snorkels and pre-filters add an extra layer of defense for worry-free adventures.

Compatibility and Material

Ensure the intake seamlessly integrates with your specific Ridge model and year. Double-check compatibility details to avoid installation hassles and ensure optimal performance.Durability is key when venturing off the beaten path. Opt for intakes crafted from high-quality materials like aluminum or reinforced plastic, built to withstand the rigors of your riding style.

Installation Ease

Choose an intake designed for a smooth, hassle-free installation process, allowing you to return to riding sooner. Thankfully, we offer air intakes for the Kawasaki Ridge that are easy to install when you follow the instructions in the packaging.