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A-Arms and A-Arm Guards

Armor up your Kawasaki Ridge for the ultimate off-road adventure with our A-Arms and A-Arm Guards! These heavy-duty components shield your suspension from rocks, stumps, and debris, letting you conquer any terrain with confidence. With these A-Arms and Arm Guard, you'll experience smoother handling and control, while the increased clearance they offer lets you tackle bigger obstacles and fit larger tires without rubbing. Crafted from high-quality materials, these A-arms and Guards are built to last and install easily. Choose from various configurations to match your riding style and needs. Dominate the trails and unlock the full potential of your Kawasaki Ridge - shop now!

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What To Consider When Buying Kawasaki Ridge A-Arms and A-Arm Guards

What type of A-arm or Guard Do You Want?

Your Kawasaki Ridge comes with stock A-Arms that offer decent protection for casual riding. However, they might bend or break during more aggressive maneuvers. Hence, depending on your driving needs, you'll need to get forward offset or long-travel A-Arms. The forward A-Arms extend the wheelbase, provide increased stability, and allow larger tires. They are ideal for high-speed runs or tackling technical trails. On the other hand, the long-travel A-Arms maximize suspension travel for conquering extreme obstacles. They are perfect for rock crawling or navigating uneven terrain.

For your A-arm guards, you can opt for full skid plates that offer comprehensive coverage for the underside of your A-arm, protecting them from rocks, stumps, and other hazards, or you can choose partial guards that cover key impact points like the front and sides of your A-Arms. 

Material Muscle

This is where toughness reigns supreme. Opt for high-grade materials like chromoly steel or billet aluminum guards, which balance strength and weight and are suitable for various riding styles and terrains. You can also choose UHMW polyethylene A-Arm guards, which are lightweight, abrasion-resistant, and always ready to slide over obstacles. It's popular for mudding and dune adventures.

Clearance Craving

Bigger adventures often demand bigger tires. Ensure your chosen A-Arms and Guards offer ample clearance to accommodate bigger tires without rubbing or binding, keeping your ride smooth and preventing unnecessary wear.

Performance Prowess

Not all A-arms are created equal. Consider how they'll impact your Ridge's handling and control. Some offer improved rigidity for precise steering, while others prioritize flex for better bump absorption. Choose based on your riding style and preferred terrain.

Compatibility Check

Double-check! Ensure the A-Arms and Guards you choose are specifically designed for your Kawasaki Ridge model and year. An ill-fitting set can lead to installation headaches and compromised performance.

Protection Priorities

Different guards offer varying levels of coverage. Decide if you need complete protection for undercarriage components or if guards strategically placed at key impact points will suffice. Consider your riding style and the type of obstacles you'll encounter.

Budget Balancing

Durability and performance often come at a premium. Determine your budget and prioritize features that matter most to you. Remember, the cheapest option might not be the most cost-effective in the long run if it compromises protection or performance.