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From hitch-mounted Kawasaki Mule spare tire carriers to roof and cage racks on which one can mount spare tires, fuel packs, and other tools, we've got all kinds of spare tire mounts for the Kawasaki Mule here at Everything Kawasaki Offroad! While tire patch kits and air compressors are great for pinch flats and punctures, if bigger issues occur, your only way out may be with a spare tire. Riding in groups will help you avoid getting stranded, but if you're out and about with a single machine, why take any unnecessary risks? The safety net and peace of mind that spare tires provide is undeniable. And with the right Kawasaki Mule spare tire mount, it's never been easier to tote a spare wheel and rim along on rides. Some mule owners choose to simply keep spare tires in their cargo bed, but this needlessly takes up space that could otherwise be used to hold tools, coolers, and misc. gear. So to hold your spare tire safely and out of the way, over-bed spare tire mounts, on-roof spare tire mounts, and hitch-mounted spare tire holders are the perfect solution. And for the best deals on all of these products and many more, look no further than Everything Kawasaki Offroad!

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Any true off-road enthusiast knows all too well just how common flat tires can be. When you’re racing down unpaved and unkept off-road trails, punctured tires just come with the territory. If you haven’t busted one of your Kawasaki Mule’s tires yet, it’s only a matter of time before you do. The sooner you accept this fact and prepare for it the better. There are several different ways to prepare for dealing with a flat tire on your Kawasaki Mule. One option is to always carry a tire repair kit or tire sealant with you. Tire repair kits are better than nothing, but it’s always a bit of a gamble on whether or not they will work for you. Every tire puncture is different, so having a tire repair kit or tire sealant isn’t a guarantee.

A much better way to prepare for dealing with a busted tire on your Kawasaki Mule is by bringing along a spare tire. Unlike relying on tire repair kits or tire sealant, having a spare tire on your Kawasaki Mule is a guarantee that you’ll be able to make it home, as long as you know how to change a tire that is. There’s no question that carrying a spare tire on your Kawasaki Mule is a good idea, but how are you supposed to go about securing it for transport? Some riders will haphazardly throw their spare tire into the bed or even cab of their Kawasaki Mule, but we don’t recommend doing this. Not only will a spare tire take up a ton of valuable storage space in your Kawasaki Mule, but it is also just downright dangerous to have something as bulky and heavy as a spare tire unsecured.

In our opinion, the best way to safely secure a spare tire on your Kawasaki Mule is with an aftermarket UTV spare tire mount, spare tire carrier, or spare tire holder. These are exactly what you’ll find here at Everything Kawasaki Offroad. We’ve got Kawasaki Mule spare tire holders, carriers, and mounts from all the best brands in the business like Hornet Outdoors, Great Day, DragonFire Racing, Assault Industries, AJK Offroad, and Razorback Offroad. These brands make it easier than ever to safely secure a spare tire or two onto your Kawasaki Mule. No matter what size, shape, or style your Kawasaki Mule’s spare tire happens to be, we’ve got a spare tire mount to fit it right here at Everything Kawasaki Offroad.

Many riders like to mount a spare tire onto their Kawasaki Mule using their receiver hitch. This can be done by using something like the Kawasaki Teryx/Mule 1 1/4" Receiver Hitch Spare Tire Mount by Hornet Outdoors. This receiver hitch spare tire mount is compatible with any standard 1.25” receiver hitch, but Hornet Outdoors also has 2” receiver hitch spare tire mounts. Another option is to mount a tire to the back of your Kawasaki Mule’s cab using something like the Kawasaki Mule Spare Tire Carrier by Great Day. This spare tire carrier is built to last with heavy-duty steel and is super easy to install. Find all the best Kawasaki Mule spare tire carriers, spare tire straps, and spare tire mounts right here at Everything Kawasaki Offroad!

If you've already got your spare tire / rim combo ready to rock but are lacking a place to put it, we can help with that. But if all you've got are the four tires that came attached to your machine, we've got spare tires as well as spare tire mounts for the Kawasaki Mule. For those that own Mules with the bar-style back partition, headache rack tire carriers like the ones by All Steel Offroad work great. Alternatively, the UTV firm Hornet makes amazingly simple spare tire carriers that insert into the hitch receiver. The only drawback to hitch-style spare tire carriers, however, is that you can't open the tailgate when they're on. But like most things when riding side-by-sides, compromises must be made. So to ensure that you never get stranded, make sure to always have a spare tire at the ready. And the best way to carry a spare tire is with one of the many great Kawasaki Mule spare tire mounts from Everything Kawasaki Offroad!

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