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If you ride through thick mud, snow, or deep water, make sure to protect your UTV's at-risk areas with a Kawasaki Mule snorkel kit from Everything Kawasaki Offroad! Duck hunters often make use of Kawasaki Mule snorkel kits, and side-by-side snorkels also prove useful in climates with high amounts of rainfall. But regardless of your reasoning behind snorkeling your bike, Everything Kawasaki Offroad has the Kawasaki Mule snorkels for you. Companies like Warrior and Snorkel Your ATV both make great snorkel kits for the Kawasaki Mule. Unlike other UTV snorkel kits out there, these and the others you'll find at Everything Kawasaki Offroad seal great at the air box and vent all the important intake ports and exhaust lines. To install the Snorkel Your ATV unit, you cut holes through the back seat wall behind the driver's seat. And although it can, in some cases, restrict seat folding functionality, the kit is quickly removable and easy to attach / detach. Alternatively, instead of having your Kawasaki Mule snorkel kit come up from behind the driver's seat, you can also send the tubing up through the bed. Doing it this way does lose you some cargo space, but it's a great option for those who frequently max out their passenger capacity and don't want any obstructions for the folks in the back seat. Plumbing in our Kawasaki Mule snorkel kits is easy to do, so regardless of whether you're an experienced mechanic or a newbie to the off-road world, you'll be able to protect your vehicle's internals with a snorkel kit from Everything Kawasaki Offroad!

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Sooner or later during your tenure as a Kawasaki Mule owner, you’re going to encounter some sort of water obstacle. Whether it’s a river, stream, or large puddle, you’ll have to make a decision on whether or not you can make it through. Depending on how deep or fast moving the water is, this decision might be difficult to make. However, if you’re fortunate enough to have a snorkel kit installed on your Kawasaki Mule you won’t have to think twice. Installing an aftermarket side by side snorkel kit onto your Kawasaki Mule gives it amphibious capabilities so you won’t ever have to shy away from a little bit of water. It also ensures you’ll never be stuck with expensive repair bills caused by a flooded engine. Letting water get into your Kawasaki Mule’s engine is one of the worst things you can do to it and will more often than not total your ride. Trust us, the cost of investing in an aftermarket UTV snorkel kit for your Kawasaki Mule is a heck of a lot cheaper than the cost of repairing or replacing an engine that’s been damaged by water.

If you’ve been shopping around for a good aftermarket side by side snorkel kit for your Kawasaki Mule, there’s no better place to look than right here at Everything Kawasaki Offroad. We have partnerships with some of the best brands in the aftermarket side by side parts and accessories industry to supply our selection of Kawasaki Mule snorkel kits. SYA Warrior Riser, Triangle ATV, and SuperATV know a thing or two about creating snorkel kits for UTVs and side by sides like the Kawasaki Mule. SuperATV makes a great snorkel kit for the Kawasaki Mule. Check out the Kawasaki Mule Depth Finder Snorkel Kit by SuperATV. This snorkel kit comes with everything you need to raise your Kawasaki Mule’s air intake in one easy order and includes three snorkel risers, three high-pressure coil hoses, an airbox intake hose, a clutch intake, and exhaust hoses.

Another good aftermarket Kawasaki Mule snorkel kit is the Kawasaki Mule Snorkit by Triangle ATV. This snorkel kit offers your Kawasaki Mule’s engine great protection from water while maintaining a professional factory look. In fact, many people won’t even notice it’s there! If you want to install a snorkel kit on your Kawasaki Mule but don’t want to change up the look you have going, this snorkel kit is definitely for you. This snorkel kit comes with everything you need to protect vital components on your Kawasaki Mule such as your air box, belt housing, fuel tank, differentials, transmission, crankcase, and electrical components. You’ll also get clear instructions that make for an easy installation.

We’ve got more than just high-quality and reliable snorkel kits for the Kawasaki Mule here at Everything Kawasaki Offroad. We’ve also got replacement parts and accessories for UTV snorkel kits such as snorkel pre-filter tip replacements. Do you need new pre-filter tips for your Kawasaki Mule? Take a look at the Kawasaki Mule Pre Filter Tip by SYA Warrior Riser. These removable pre-filter tips snap right into your Kawasaki Mule’s snorkel and are easy to take back out for cleaning. Look no further for all the best Kawasaki Mule snorkel kits and UTV snorkel accessories than right here at Everything Kawasaki Offroad.

Some versions of the Kawasaki Mule 610 have the stock air intake running through the roll cage. But not all Mule editions have this feature, and the air intake is only one aspect of the vehicle that is susceptible to mud and water. The belt box exhaust pipe, for example, is pointing down and located low on the Kawasaki Mule, so as long as your UTV is running, this shouldn't be a huge issue. But if your rig stalls in the deep stuff, your chances of experiencing problems will skyrocket. Since the Kawasaki Mule motor is air cooled, submerging it isn't the best thing to do. And although the air box is run up high to minimize the amount of dust and dirt that gets sucked in, this is by no means a snorkel. So play it safe and you won't have to suffer the monetary consequences by installing a Kawasaki Mule snorkel kit on your side-by-side today!

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