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Roof Racks

Gain additional storage space and give yourself the high ground when hunting, camping, or mounting lights by installing a Kawasaki Mule roof rack from Everything Kawasaki Offroad today! Choose between our Kawasaki Mule safari racks, Kawasaki Mule headache racks, and Kawasaki Mule luggage racks to find the perfect product that’s guaranteed to fulfill your every need!
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Whether you’re wanting to lower your rig’s roof to install a Kawasaki Mule roof basket, or make an automatic dump bed using an electric winch mounted to the upper section of a Kawasaki Mule roof rack, when you’re at Everything Kawasaki Offroad, you’ve got options at your disposal! We offer Kawasaki Mule SX roof racks, Kawasaki Mule Pro FXT roof racks, as well as safari racks, luggage racks, and headache racks for the Kawasaki Mule. If you need some extra space for hunting gear and camping supplies, the Kawasaki Mule roof racks at Everything Kawasaki Offroad will provide it. Or if you’re wanting a more efficient way to transport building supplies and construction materials, a Kawasaki Mule roof rack is perfect for that as well! No matter what your riding conditions entail, we’ve got a Kawasaki Mule roof rack that’ll handle them at Everything Kawasaki Offroad! 

Produent riders often remove their machine’s roof while transporting it long distances on high-speed stretches of highways and interstates. This, however, becomes unnecessary with the extra strength and support of a Kawasaki Mule roof rack. The multi-functionality of Kawasaki Mule roof racks makes them superbly suited for those who like accessories that serve more than a single purpose. Yes, having increased cargo capacity is nice, but you can also use Kawasaki Mule roof racks to achieve other objectives. When hunting pronghorn on prairielands, for example, it’s useful to have a high platform on which to glass or even shoot from. Similarly, some riders choose to pitch popup tents atop their roof racks when camping to avoid predators and gain a flat / level sleeping surface. Additionally, the front, back, and sides of Kawasaki Mule roof racks are also great places to mount off-road lighting accessories. Many roof racks for the Kawasaki Mule come with cutouts or brackets in the front for light bars, but you can also stick chase lights, cube lights, spot lights, and accent lights onto the rear and sides of your roof rack. Situating your lights higher up on the vehicle will not only make your bike more visible to others, but it also helps to keep light from reflecting off your hood. Plus, if your primary driving lights are mounted below your line of sight, the beams will create shadows when hitting rocks, stumps, bumps, and drops, which can be beneficial in some situations, but detrimental in others. Nevertheless, it’s good to think about the various ways in which you can use your accessories, and with a two-for-one or even three-for-one accessory like a Kawasaki Mule roof rack, you can do a whole lot more than just carry stuff!

Like Kawasaki Mule roof racks, products such as front roll bar baskets, hitch racks, hood baskets, and over-bed cargo racks can also be used to increase the storage capacity of your side-by-side. But unlike the aforementioned rack and basket accessories, Kawasaki Mule roof racks also allow you to haul large and awkwardly-shaped items. Fishing boats, lake canoes, and river kayaks, for example, can be easily and efficiently transported using a Kawasaki Mule roof rack. And for those who use their rigs around the farm or at the job site, Kawasaki Mule roof racks are more than capable of supporting tools, lumber, feed bunks, and stock tanks. Whatever’s involved in the challenges you face, it can all be overcome with a Kawasaki Mule roof rack from Everything Kawasaki Offroad! 

One caveat to plastic Kawasaki Mule roof racks is that they’re not as strong as metal roof racks. But with the strength of a steel Kawasaki Mule roof rack also comes excess mass. And while weight alone is typically not an issue, the way in which the weight is carried / dispersed is important. With Kawasaki Mule roof racks, a large amount of weight is held higher up, which raises the machine’s overall center of gravity. And a center of gravity produces a higher likelihood of tipping. If you’re worried about this, parts like wheel spacers and extended axles can help to make your machine more balanced and less topheavy, and aluminum Kawasaki Mule roof racks are also available to lighten your load!

Be it a Kawasaki Mule metal roof with a built-in roof rack by a company like Offroad Armor, or a removable Kawasaki Mule roof rack that integrates with your existing roof such as the ones by Razorback Offroad, you’ll be thankful that you invested in a Kawasaki Mule roof rack on the very first ride after having it installed. You might benefit more from a low-profile roof rack over a Kawasaki Mule safari rack, or perhaps a Kawasaki Mule headache rack will serve you better than an on-roof luggage rack. But whatever type of roof rack is best suited for your needs, we’re sure to carry it here at Everything Kawasaki Offroad!