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Hand Controls

If you're disabled, you can still ride your Kawasaki Mule like an able-bodied individual with the help of the Kawasaki Mule hand controls from Everything Kawasaki Offroad! Riders who lack the ability to move their feet or legs can benefit from both Kawasaki Mule hand controls for the brake and gas, as well as brake and gas pedal guards to ensure that they don't accelerate or decelerate unless that's what they intended to do. Plus, in addition to our hand controls, we also carry steering wheel attachments for the Kawasaki Mule like amputee rings, palm grips, and spinner knobs to help riders who struggle to steer!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Kawasaki Mule Hand Controls?

When purchasing hand controls for your Kawasaki Mule, here are key aspects to consider:

Types of Hand Grips

Ergonomic Palm Grips

These grips are designed for maximum comfort and support, fitting naturally in your hand and making your grip nice and consistent.

Ideal for prolonged usage, Kawasaki Mule palm grips are great for those with hand or wrist discomfort, alleviating stress during extensive rides.

Tri-Pin Grips

With their three-pin design, these grips offer a secure, slip-resistant hold, perfect for challenging conditions like wet or muddy trails. 

Kawasaki Mule tri-pin grips are excellent for maintaining control in demanding environments where precision steering is crucial.

Single-Pin Grips

Focusing on simplicity and lightness, single-pin grips provide an additional grip with minimal design. 

They're particularly suited for Kawasaki Mule riders who value ease of handling, especially during frequent sharp turns or complex maneuvers.

These are very popular with those who use their UTVs for working purposes or as groundkeepers.

Adaptive V Grips

These Kawasaki Mule grips feature a V-shaped design for comfortable hand positioning, enhancing vehicle control. 

They're beneficial for riders who may struggle with a full grip on the steering, meeting specific medical requirements.

Material Considerations

Kawasaki Mule hand controls come in various materials like plastic, aluminum, steel, rubber, or zinc. 

For wet or humid environments, avoid uncoated steel options to prevent rust. Moreover, these can often feel very cold to your touch.

Many riders prefer a combination of a sturdy grip (aluminum, steel, zinc) covered with a soft, grippy material like rubber or leather for enhanced control.

User-Friendly Design

Hand controls should be straightforward to use and install which is why you have to choose devices known for their reliability and simplicity, ensuring they serve effectively over time.

Special Features for Medical Needs

Consider hand controls with special features for those with specific medical needs. If you are someone who should use these, it’s best to talk to your physician before buying anything.

Either way, you should look for options with adjustable resistance, padded grips for added comfort, or customizable shapes to accommodate different hand sizes or strengths. 

These features can greatly assist riders with physical limitations, ensuring a safer and more comfortable ride.