Fire/Medical Rescue

Aside from work and leisure activities, the Kawasaki Mule can also be used for small- to medium-scale fire prevention, search and rescue missions, and medical evacuation applications. With the right Kawasaki Mule fire and medical rescue accessories, any base-model Mule can be converted into the ultimate life-saving machine. One of the most useful tools for both firefighting and rescue operations is a communication system. Staying organized by being constantly in the loop not only increases efficiency, but it also helps participants narrow in search areas, target problem spots, and disseminate useful information throughout the group. Similarly, although not specific to fire and medical rescue, lights for the Kawasaki Mule are also crucial for both fire suppression and medical rescue efforts. After all, if your limiting constraint is daylight, you'll be rendered useless as soon as the sun goes down. Things like light bars and cube lights are great, but specialized Kawasaki Mule searchlights, spot lights, and flood lights are even better. And because we carry all that and more, you won't be in the dark figuratively or literally when fighting fires or performing medical rescue operations.

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The Kawasaki Mule has a well-deserved reputation for being more suited for work rather than play. There are so many different applications the Kawasaki Mule can be used for. Whether it’s on the farm, ranch, construction site, or golf course, the Kawasaki Mule makes for a very useful companion. Another application the Kawasaki Mule is great for is fire and medical rescue jobs. First responders around the world have come to trust the Kawasaki Mule to help them save the day. With its speed, strength, ruggedness, and reliability, the Kawasaki Mule is the perfect side by side for getting fire and medical rescue teams in and out of where they need to be. There are certain terrains and environments that traditional fire and medical rescue vehicles like fire trucks and ambulances simply can’t access. This is why a capable and reliable side by side like the Kawasaki Mule is such a great investment for firefighters, EMTs, lifeguards, and search and rescue teams.

The Kawasaki Mule has the capability for fire, medical, and search and rescue missions, but not when it has just rolled off the factory floor. In order to get your Kawasaki Mule into fire and medical rescue shape, you’ll need to upgrade it with the right aftermarket side by side fire and medical rescue parts and accessories. Here at Everything Kawasaki Offroad, these are exactly what you’ll find. We have everything you need to upgrade your Kawasaki Mule for rescue missions such as fire extinguishers, first aid kits, fire extinguisher mounts, and water pumps. Our selection of UTV emergency rescue parts and accessories for the Kawasaki Mule are supplied by only the best brands like UTV Zilla, DragonFire Racing, QuadBoss, Warn, AJK Offroad, ModQuad Racing, Pro Armor, Moose, ATV TEK, Assault Industries, Kimtek, Savage UTV, Factory UTV, and Safecraft. With names like these, you know you’ll be satisfied with the side by side emergency rescue accessories you order for your Kawasaki Mule. Find everything you need to save the day with your Kawasaki Mule right here at Everything Kawasaki Mule!

One of the most common emergency rescue accessories we’re asked about for the Kawasaki Mule is fire extinguishers. Even if you’re not a professional firefighter, having a fire extinguisher somewhere on your Kawasaki Mule is always a good idea. You never know when a fire could break out on your Kawasaki Mule. Whether it’s an electrical fire or fuel fire, a portable fire extinguisher can really come in handy. Check out the Kawasaki Mule Quick Release Fire Extinguisher Kit by Assault Industries. This quick release fire extinguisher kit comes with a 2 lb. fire extinguisher and the mounting hardware you need to easily secure it to any 1.75”, 1.875", or 2" diameter bar. The fire extinguisher that’s included in this kit is rated to handle class A (trash, wood, and paper), class B (liquids and gases), and class C fires (energized electrical equipment).

If you’re a professional firefighter who needs to be able to fight serious forest fires, you’ll want to consider upgrading your Kawasaki Mule with a skid unit water tank and pump. Take a look at the Kawasaki Mule FIRELITE® Supermax Transport Skid Unit Darley-Davey Pump - 85 Gallon Poly Water Tank / Hannay Reel & Rescue Area by Kimtek. This skid unit water tank and pump is one of the largest on the market and can be used to transform your Kawasaki Mule into a serious firefighting machine. Find all the best fire and medical accessories for the Kawasaki Mule right here at Everything Kawasaki Offroad!

If you're setting up a rig for search and rescue missions, your supplies should include everything from extra fuel, hand saws, and shovels to rope rescue equipment, food, pry bars, and wet wipes. And why limit yourself to a CB radio alone when you can also carry a Ham radio and a VHF / UHF radio to hit every frequency. Need some in-bed or pull-behind Kawasaki Mule water tanks? Or how about an off-road Kawasaki Mule stretcher? Whether you're patrolling coastal or lakeside beaches as a certified lifeguard or conducting firefighting drills with your company, crew, or platoon, be prepared for any eventuality with the Kawasaki Mule fire and medical rescue accessories from Everything Kawasaki Offroad!

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